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China-Vatican Dirty Deal? | China Uncensored

 The Vatican seeks accommodation with China, but at the expense of Christian lives.

Transcript : On this episode of China Uncensored, 0:02 Hoooly See! 0:09 Hi, welcome to China Uncensored. 0:10 I’m your host Chris Chappell. 0:11 The Vatican. 0:13 Known for priceless works of art, 0:14 top secret archives, 0:16 and Jude Law's pet kangaroo. 0:22 At least one of those things is not real. 0:25 Probably. 0:26 Anyway, last week, 0:28 the Vatican held a summit on organ trafficking 0:30 and transplant tourism. 0:32 And the real-life, not young pope has called these things 0:35 a new form of slavery 0:36 and a crime against humanity. 0:39 So everyone was a little surprised 0:42 when the Vatican invited this man to speak, 0:45 China’s transplant chief, 0:47 Dr. Huang Jiefu. 0:48 Why? 0:49 Well, it’s kind of like holding a summit 0:52 on how to stop people from stealing food, 0:55 and inviting the Hamburglar 0:57 as your keynote speaker. 0:58 Dr. Huang Jiefu has been accused of being a part of, 1:03 and covering up, 1:04 the Chinese regime's prolific organ trafficking 1:06 and transplant tourism. 1:09 Holy See? 1:10 More like Holy NOT See. 1:12 No, not Nazi! 1:14 Not See, like, they're not seeing the obvious! 1:16 Uh, moving on. 1:18 The Catholic Church approves of organ donation and transplantation, 1:22 a tradition dating back to this guy. 1:25 But I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of prohibition 1:28 against a government killing people for their organs. 1:31 I think might be covered by one of the commandments. 1:35 I mean, it’s been a long time since I went to Bible school, 1:37 but that makes sense, right? 1:39 Except that’s exactly what the Chinese regime has been doing. 1:43 There is a mountain of evidence 1:45 that China has a large and complex system 1:49 to kill prisoners of conscience and harvest their organs 1:52 for transplant. 1:53 A single organ can fetch 6 figures, 1:56 so a lot of people in China are profiting from this. 2:00 This report released last year 2:01 estimates that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs 2:05 are taken from innocent people in China every year. 2:08 Now for years, 2:10 the Communist Party was able to hide what they were doing, 2:13 but it's not as easy now as it used to be. 2:16 People are wising up. 2:17 For instance, 2:18 this declaration last year by the European Parliament 2:21 condemned China's organ harvesting. 2:23 Then there’s this one from the US House of Representatives. 2:27 A major liver transplant journal, 2:29 Liver International, 2:30 just retracted a study by Chinese liver surgeons 2:34 because it seemed like the donors weren’t so voluntary. 2:37 And mainstream media are actually reporting on it as well. 2:41 Without using words like "allegedly." 2:43 Dr. Huang Jiefu, 2:45 despite trying to paint himself as a reformer, 2:48 has personally been involved in some sketchy things. 2:52 In 2005, 2:53 he performed a high profile public demonstration of a liver transplant. 2:59 Just to be on the safe side, 3:00 he ordered two extra matching livers as back ups. 3:04 They were never used. 3:05 For those of you who aren’t transplant surgeons, 3:08 let me explain the problem with that. 3:11 As the Guardian puts it, 3:12 “Livers are extremely sensitive and need to be removed quickly, 3:16 and are often unsuitable for transplantation 3:19 by the time the patient dies.” 3:21 So to be able to order two extra livers 3:24 means Chinese hospitals must have had a pool of people 3:27 already set aside, 3:30 with all their blood work done 3:32 so they could match the organs, 3:33 and still alive, 3:34 so their livers could be harvested. 3:36 So where do China’s 60,000 to 100,000 organs 3:39 every year come from? 3:41 According to the report I mentioned, 3:43 they come from Falun Gong adherents, 3:45 the Uyghur ethnic group, 3:46 Tibetans, 3:47 and House Christians. 3:50 So the Chinese regime is killing Christians for their organs, 3:54 and then sending their representative to a conference in the Vatican 3:58 on how to stop organ trafficking and transplant tourism. 4:02 For the past few years, 4:03 Dr. Huang has been traveling around the world, 4:06 trying to convince everyone that China's organ transplant system 4:09 is fine now and made up of voluntary donors. 4:13 No one said that prisoners couldn't volunteer, right? 4:16 As you can see in that quote, 4:18 there's another sneaky thing Dr. Huang does. 4:21 He's trying to make it sound like the Communist Party 4:23 only uses death-row criminals for organs. 4:27 When it really is mostly using prisoners of conscience-- 4:32 people who the Party is persecuting for their beliefs. 4:35 You can understand why so many people people were mad. 4:39 The Chinese regime wanted to use its presence at this summit 4:42 to show that hey, 4:43 our organ transplant system is totally legit 4:46 and accepted by the rest of the world. 4:49 You might argue maybe the Vatican 4:50 made an innocent mistake by inviting Dr. Huang. 4:53 They didn’t know. 4:55 But when the international outcry went out about this, 4:58 their official response left something to be desired. 5:02 They said the summit was meant to be an 5:05 “academic exercise, 5:06 and not a reprise of contentious political assertions.” 5:10 Yeah, the Vatican. 5:12 They never get involved in politics. 5:14 But seriously, 5:15 why would the Vatican invite the guy not only involved in, 5:19 but trying to cover up the same crimes against humanity 5:21 the Pope has called out? 5:23 The guy who’s also very likely indirectly involved 5:26 in killing Christians inside of China? 5:31 Well it could be a coincidence. 5:32 But the Vatican is trying to work out a deal 5:35 with the Chinese Communist Party 5:36 over the appointment of bishops. 5:39 Around the world, 5:40 the Roman Catholic Church is responsible 5:42 for appointing its bishops. 5:44 But in the 1950s, 5:45 the Chinese Communist Party set up its own organization 5:48 to do that. 5:50 It’s called the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. 5:54 Because you can believe in God, 5:55 after you believe in the Party. 5:57 I'm being serious. 5:58 The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association 6:01 is under the jurisdiction of the Communist Party. 6:04 So if you want to be Catholic in China, 6:06 you have two choices: 6:08 One: Belong to the “patriotic” church, 6:10 where your highest authority is not Father, 6:13 the Son, and the Holy Spirit, 6:15 but the officially atheist Communist Party. 6:17 Or Two: belong to an underground church, 6:21 and risk being arrested or having your organs harvested. 6:24 Neither of these are great options. 6:27 And when the Catholic Church has tried 6:28 to appoint their own bishops or priests in China, 6:31 they tend to get kidnapped and arrested. 6:34 So that's a problem. 6:35 But recently the Cardinal of Hong Kong 6:37 said that the Holy See and China have reached 6:40 “a preliminary consensus... 6:42 that will lead to an agreement over the appointment 6:43 of bishops [in China].” 6:46 So basically the Catholic church is considering 6:48 making a deal with the Communist Party. 6:51 The agreement is ostensibly over the appointment of bishops, 6:55 but ultimately involves the entire issue 6:57 of religious freedom in China, because, 7:00 as China’s leader puts it, 7:02 religious groups must adhere to the leadership 7:04 of the Communist Party. 7:05 The same Party that’s harvesting Christians’ organs, 7:09 selling them for profit, 7:10 and then sending their top doctor to the Vatican 7:12 to lie about it. 7:14 That Communist Party. 7:16 So there’s concern that the Church 7:18 might be sacrificing human rights and religious freedom 7:21 in order to establish diplomatic ties 7:23 and get more control over bishops in China. 7:26 Well, as Cardinal Tong put it, 7:29 “The moral principle of the Church teaches us 7:30 to choose the lesser of two evils.” 7:33 So what do you think? 7:35 I’d especially love to hear from our Catholic viewers. 7:37 Leave your comments below. 7:38 Thanks for watching this episode of China Uncensored. 7:41 Once again, I’m your host Chris Chappell. 7:43 See you next time.

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