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China Announces Plan To Defeat Trump, Stop America

Alex Jones exposes the secret plan of the communist Chinese and how they're the globalist's tool of choice to bring down America.

Transcript : so here's the big fish it is 0:06 rents previous and others that are in 0:08 there basically trying to get Trump 0:10 running scared of this made-up Russia 0:11 crap and Trump's like we made an 0:14 alliance with Russia years ago to start 0:15 taking on Isis and blocking Obama our 0:19 own military advising me to do this 0:21 they're saying Russia isn't an 0:22 existential threat that is China but 0:24 this makes sense to have this alliance 0:25 and Rec television saying the same thing 0:27 it's not about money it's about victory 0:29 globally for freedom 0:34 and a new alliance with Japan and and 0:36 then breaking up the euro and getting 0:38 sovereignty back in the UK it's an 0:39 alliance with the UK euro states that 0:42 break free from globalism Russia and 0:45 Japan and Brazil or anybody else that 0:47 breaks away 0:49 this is the new strategy that will win 0:52 for this country and the world this is a 0:55 strategy based on justice and and wealth 0:58 and and victory but the globalist with 1:02 the EU and the goldman sachs crowd in 1:04 China they at davos I told you this was 1:06 before I said watch china will be there 1:08 big defender china will be who's going 1:10 to quote save the one world government 1:11 and sure enough they cannot announce 1:13 trying to save the world government 1:15 tried to help sensor the American 1:16 alright 1:17 china to advise and help defeat the 1:19 uprising in europe and america they 1:22 openly talk like this 1:23 davos to themselves like your animals 1:25 like you can't read what they're saying 1:27 they go on the news and say Trump 1:29 Russian Alex Russian Drudge Russian 1:35 this is a joke 1:40 so that's what's happening right now and 1:43 and and rich previous gives the third 1:45 column a fifth column you want to call 1:48 it that inside the White House whether 1:52 he's a moron equivalents and the guy 1:55 looks like a golem like creature is a 1:57 sick of panic your bed wetter just 2:01 gravels and sick offense around and 2:03 Trump has to throw him out of the room 2:04 all the time 2:06 and pretty much can't stand his truck 2:08 works 18 hours a day and pretty much 2:10 doesn't like to work one to 10 hours a 2:11 day and previous is exhausted he looks 2:13 like he's dying music videos of it 2:15 stumbling around because he just 2:17 constantly that the president's closer 2:19 let me help you 2:20 o people come into a meeting hope I need 2:22 to be in this meeting sir and Trump 2:25 could tell who the neo-cons and it was 2:28 enemies are because a lot of times 2:30 previous that's what previous can run 2:31 off and have it have a dinner see his 2:33 family here go to the bathroom or eat 2:35 something or get a haircut is whenever 2:37 one of the scholars comes like oh i 2:39 leaving out there like that he looks 2:41 like black truck doesn't know this is 2:43 going on 2:44 Paul Ryan of sight literally the bad guy 2:47 ball is boss previous boss Paul Ryan 2:51 ex-boss just like newt gingrich is a 2:57 Rockefeller Republican that we came from 2:59 and a globalist and Trump do that he's 3:01 used him to get into power and now he's 3:03 flushing don't you love how he's blowing 3:05 the global South the airlock about the 3:07 Patriots but they are pushing hard to do 3:10 that to my manicure lessons 3:12 administration they're all global 3:13 Democrats Republicans is it doesn't 3:16 matter it's just different piles you 3:17 know what with this is a real battle 3:19 this is really really important to the 3:22 reason previous is so important as he's 3:24 in there leaking and pushing narratives 3:27 and making it look like that there's 3:29 actually some Russian connection and 3:31 he's the quote credibility 3:32 he's the double agent folks Prince 3:35 previous is the double agent from all 3:38 the research we have and for my sources 3:40 and I've done this for up early over two 3:43 weeks but it was clear two weeks ago 3:44 that Trump is also priming the media you 3:49 know you like rich previous other 3:51 problems with him I think you might be a 3:52 problem get so much in advance 3:54 absolutely he is 0 the president's not 3:56 going to drain the swamp rats previous 3:58 newt gingrich made up to undermine the 4:00 president's oh we're not going to get 4:01 tax cuts this year 4:03 Donald Trump's like the hell we aren't 4:06 we're not going to quite get rid of all 4:07 of Obamacare you know just on and on and 4:09 on out of rest 4:11 Priebus wrench previous renters previous 4:13 you'll see Paul Ryan say something one 4:17 day and then rinse previous says the 4:18 next is that the president said it we 4:20 didn't elect blue-eyed ball Ryan 4:23 nothing against Paul Ryan but you know 4:24 he just got those little white lies and 4:26 a little movie star care he's like a 4:29 little fake under good boy next door 4:30 look that looks like a literal 4:32 psychopath ok you think she's better 4:36 than everybody 4:37 he's going to Dottie's another solace 4:39 globalist and I can't stand paul ryan 4:41 paul ryan if it's the last thing 4:43 Infowars ever does we're going to 4:45 politically wreck you do understand that 4:47 punk you are the biggest backstabbing 4:53 open border promoting anti-gun pro 4:56 Obamacare slimeball ever seen you always 4:59 say the right thing don't you 5:00 but the key clutch time you're a big fat 5:03 Benedict Arnold you're Eddie Munster 5:05 haircut i my whole life ability so 5:09 called alpha males are alpha males real 5:13 familiar with empower the species dumbo 5:16 why don't you try to be one 5:21 and Lindsey Graham and John McCain all 5:24 these other psycho-pass they make me 5:26 sick 5:28 and they're working overtime to hammer 5:30 the recovery goldman sachs working 5:32 overtime to implode the economy openly 5:34 announcing hunger investors dump 5:36 everything it's over didn't work in it 5:39 you use bubbles for your big fat cells 5:42 to give yourself trillion and give not 5:44 the people truck is going to use a 5:45 bubble to flood the people with money 5:47 and it's dangerous by the way but we're 5:49 going to go down that he doesn't so he 5:50 is injecting adrenaline right in our 5:52 heart right now trying to get the needle 5:54 through the ribcage and paul ryan and 5:56 the Democrats are all trying to keep his 5:58 hands from getting into the heart with 6:00 that needle 6:04 all around so let's just stick the meal 6:05 right here Trump we want that adrenaline 6:07 we wanted we wanted we wanted we wanted 6:09 we wanted 6:09 it's ours why you can have billions more 6:12 in swiss bank accounts you jerk flower 6:15 on bigger private jet on your little 6:17 power trips while you pass on America 6:19 you want to talk around 6:22 all a metaphysical pissing contest with 6:25 you isn't ICU 6:28 that's a pretty heavy important stop i 6:30 want other really revenues you're 6:32 obviously the cover but I mean that's 6:33 that that's the big issue French 6:36 previous and paul ryan and all of them 6:38 are enemies of this country and they're 6:42 in their plan all sorts of dirty little 6:44 tricks to try to make Trump's 6:47 constituents angry start undermining him 6:49 to say look so you've been abandoned by 6:51 your base 6:53 you better go with the Republican 6:55 establishment now batch some strategy 6:57 your strategy failed sir you're wrong 6:59 you know it 7:00 yeah I knew they were doing that could 7:04 probably talk about it and I mentioned 7:07 someone here to remember the washington 7:09 post article Trump's biggest problems is 7:12 based on Alex shown if we can get them 7:15 to abandon Trump i mean i love how they 7:20 write these articles like we don't read 7:22 them again they are so arrogant that 7:25 they're doing it right in front of you 7:28 and they think you don't see they think 7:30 you don't know there's something about 7:31 beta males of the global tire and put 7:33 charge where they think their alpha 7:35 males and they always do the same little 7:37 scamp's so again they keep telling Trump 7:44 in hundreds of articles a day hundreds 7:46 do not associate with infowars do not do 7:49 not do not support it because they know 7:51 it's the zeitgeist they know it's the 7:52 powerbase they know it's the spirit of 7:54 1776 they know it will kill them 7:57 politically 7:59 but it's all ready spreading across the 8:02 globe it's already happening across the 8:06 planet 8:08 so it's not alex jones it's the spirit 8:10 of Liberty so again we don't need Trump 8:13 Trump needs us don't say that arrogantly 8:15 where the base where the people where 8:18 the Republic where the Patriots where 8:19 the Paul Revere's where the people that 8:21 understand the score and and people are 8:23 listening gosh you know why you're 8:25 panicking because notice this joy villa 8:28 I really want to get on that our album 8:31 cells explode 18,000 + % within hours of 8:34 wearing a make America great again dress 8:36 plus she's a classic 1950s beauty 8:39 she's got the real personal woman and I 8:44 mean look at those I'm sorry she's 8:45 beautiful creation God sighs and and 8:48 she's wearing this make America great 8:50 again outfit this beautiful dress made 8:53 by a filipino-american immigrant love 8:55 Trump and it's just a joke that's the 8:58 counterculture that's the avant-garde 9:00 America was always the true 9:02 counterculture it was always the cutting 9:03 edge it was always the future they tried 9:07 their trying to steal it from you 9:08 actually telling America so battled a 9:10 sure we done bad stuff that we were the 9:11 ideal that strove the farthest the most 9:14 inventions the most money the biggest 9:16 middle-class the most success the most 9:18 medicine the most part the most 9:20 literature and the global hijack that 9:22 and they hijack the image of a real 9:24 woman and then gave us some meth-head 9:26 look you know because the gay men that 9:28 run fashion think that looks good 9:30 nothing against gay men don't agree with 9:31 their case of heroin chic making women 9:34 look like little boys 9:36 that was like a woman pull that camera 9:38 bag that right there is a woman now 9:41 let's get serious here 9:43 they're totally panicking and freaking 9:45 out there's nothing more disgusting than 9:47 Merle street running around again 9:51 bitching and saying Trump's a monster 9:53 when the woman get standing ovations to 9:54 pedophiles and run random movement to 9:57 try to get Roman Polanski's right 10:00 conviction of a little thirteen-year-old 10:03 girl they drug they grabbed they drugged 10:06 and they raped talk about a weird 10:09 demonic harpy slithering around 10:11 moralizing about how Trump objectifies 10:15 women when you support people that right 10:17 little girls 10:20 what the hell your problem which go back 10:22 to Hell where you came from 10:24 begone begone demon be gone neural 10:28 street back to help get behind me Satan 10:31 fall go back we're supposed to go weak 10:35 one 10:37 you have also told us that God's week 10:39 that's all a lie 10:42 God is strong God use the heavens the 10:46 earth God is life and death and God is 10:49 fire the fire of wisdom the fire of 10:52 enlightenment the fire of will and the 10:55 fire of the future 10:58 look I'm not going to sit here and say 11:08 see I told yourself that communist shiny 11:11 style net censorship is coming to the 11:13 web it's hard to hear it's being 11:15 announced the way you keep the internet 11:17 open tree if you get involved more than 11:19 ever 11:19 for / apps a new battleship 11:22 with the fight 11:23 Infowars live available right now we're 11:26 looking for a crew demand to sit down 11:28 and play games be a trendy to be part of 11:31 history 11:32 don't sit by and let the internet and 11:34 free speech be stolen from you

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