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BREAKING: "The Apocalyptic Crashes Happen Again"

Transcript : serious are you serious 0:10 am I almost live live live yes i am ok 0:14 alright guys there's been some 0:15 apocalyptic crack uh it's never good 0:20 when it starts to happen but we've got 0:22 night 0:24 that at least maybe more in Argentina a 0:28 bus traveling to Chile just flipped off 0:30 early this morning killing at least 19 0:34 people road 0:39 ward 32 of those people were Argentines 0:42 there was three kids on there 0:47 and so we're very concerned at least 19 0:50 or dead at least and it's an ugly see 0:53 and I've noticed that there's patterns 0:55 when there's busing derailments plane 0:57 crashes or by in the ocean sometimes so 1:00 doesn't happen to deadly train 1:03 derailment in Belgium one dead 27 1:05 injured and this horrible bus crash in 1:09 Argentina or 19 or dead and maybe more 1:12 in a terrible scene they're all right 1:14 anyway great to see everybody here uh 1:18 for those of you with me give me just 1:20 one second I don't know where I'm at 1:22 but I won't try my best to keep you up 1:24 to speed with things that are going on 1:26 anyway it's just a terrible terrible 1:29 situation developing and we're going to 1:32 stay on all right and we're here with 1:35 our son our daughter-in-law and our 1:38 little baby 1:39 Carson which will will show Carson it to 1:42 you when she's ready she is not 1:44 camera-ready at this moment but she is 1:49 sweet 1:50 all right i'll see you guys a little 1:51 while god bless all of you are you 1:53 serious are you serious 1:56 we survived the storm by the way but 1:58 there was one that one death in 2:00 victorville california from flooding 2:02 that was roofs blown off for some high 2:05 winds there was flooding flash flooding 2:08 and our biggest concern is still 2:10 Oroville California is damn pray for 2:13 those folks there 2:14 what

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