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A Look Inside the Life of an Anonymous II

 What is life like, as Anonymous.
Truth is the light in the darkness.
We fight against the forces of darkness.
Which can never extinguish the light.
So long as those with the idea. The light of truth. Keep shining.
The idea will live on.
Expect it.

Transcript : greetings world fellow women's denmark 1:17 and activists in humans who seek the 1:20 truth 1:20 we are a non DK in our previous video a 1:25 look inside the life of an anonymous we 1:28 discussed Linus TK today we thought it 1:32 only right to tell you about his money 1:35 miss fearless one had long been awake to 1:38 the system 1:39 she grew up knowing there were 1:40 controllers will link everything been 1:42 tracking every move humans make in this 1:44 world most Americans tend to identify 1:48 with 911 as a great tragedy of time when 1:51 911 happened she saw the conspiracy as 1:55 playing today 1:56 well she did not see the plane nor the 2:00 conspiracy until the second time she saw 2:03 the news the plane had been added and 2:06 the conspiracy revealed before her eyes 2:09 she knew for certain from them that the 2:12 world was a lie and we are all just 2:15 fools in the game so she allowed herself 2:18 to continue tracked in the machine 2:20 grinding away in a known pointless life 2:23 then finally she broke through to the 2:26 next level to a normal job with good pay 2:28 but there was no value in what she did 2:31 from the day-to-day money was no worry 2:34 for once but it only suffocated her she 2:37 had no one attached to hurt and real 2:39 life beside one trend their existence 2:43 made no difference in had no purpose no 2:45 one would care if she dropped dead just 2:48 a cog in the machine a slave to the 2:51 system 2:52 she had to do something to great three 2:54 fearless one had always followed 2:57 anonymous and one day after many months 2:59 of serious consideration decided to 3:02 comment on an amount of code 3:04 she decided to put it all on the line go 3:08 all out reach for the ties dream big 3:11 expand your horizons and so she said I 3:15 have no skill no knowledge but I would 3:18 give anything to be anonymous and shock 3:21 and amazement a response appeared 3:24 instantly the anonymous replied you can 3:27 be anonymous 3:28 what is stopping you so she thought on 3:31 this 3:32 she considered what she had to lose 3:34 since being an anonymous is considered 3:37 terrorism under law in the country 3:40 she knew the legal consequences for any 3:42 action she took his anonymous even 3:45 sharing a link and land one in prison 3:47 for many years 3:49 not to mention all of the site charges 3:51 they always racket on those they wish to 3:53 persecute cyber laws are very steep 3:56 indeed she knew it was no joke she had 4:00 followed whistleblowers in the past who 4:02 had been smashed down and jailed 4:04 suicided murdered for spreading the 4:07 truth and many wishing they had 4:09 considering eternity in prison she would 4:12 be putting your life on the line every 4:14 time she got on she knew full well she 4:18 decided to follow the anonymous onto IRC 4:21 there she was introduced to the world 4:23 that is the IRC the world of anonymous 4:28 hundred civilians were gathered working 4:30 on operations discussing skills teaching 4:34 and learning they took many weeks of 4:36 lurking to get accustomed to how to act 4:39 what was appropriate and what was not 4:41 who to trust and who was an agent who 4:44 was there just to talk shit and who was 4:47 there to accomplish something 4:48 the IRC is so infected now many and now 4:52 have their own 4:53 private wants to invite only trusted 4:55 into but the hive was exactly what it 4:58 should be back then everyone had their 5:01 own talents kill everyone who did their 5:04 part the collective learning with 5:06 knowledge 5:07 it was the first family here was one had 5:10 ever known people who actually cared 5:13 about what matters 5:15 she learned you cannot call yourself 5:17 anonymous it is something given not 5:20 taken the bonds of anonymous are much 5:23 stronger than the bond most making real 5:26 life many glowing today has no 5:28 understanding the fourth respect even 5:30 means much less how to give it and earn 5:33 it 5:33 not to mention the rest of the qualities 5:36 necessary to be anonymous 5:38 we know we are holding each other's 5:40 lives and freedom in our hands every day 5:43 animals work together to defeat our 5:45 enemy to uphold justice truth freedom it 5:50 is a trusting a responsibility and a 5:53 mindset that cannot be explained it is 5:56 the idea and it must be preserved 5:58 fearless one had many mentors including 6:03 one Linus BK in months she learned 6:06 building and was pulled into a group to 6:08 begin operation a police officer who 6:11 recently had shot a black man and USA 6:14 with sound payment to be a member of the 6:16 Ku Klux Klan the motor was a planted one 6:20 of the KKK a ritual killing the people 6:23 had started a movement called hands up 6:25 don't shoot humans were able to get much 6:28 information from the police officers 6:30 girlfriend who was cheating on him 6:33 the group that had the name of the 6:34 leader of the KKK in the area Francona 6:38 it did not take a skilled daughter along 6:41 to find his details and the game was on 6:43 the protests were very peaceful and grew 6:46 and spread through the country 6:48 it was so beautiful to see everyone 6:50 coming together in the streets in total 6:52 piece ending violence the right way so 6:55 anonymous supported him in the street 6:57 and without KKK and afterwards off 7:00 supposing the leaders of the Ku Klux 7:02 Klan it exploded overnight Frank the 7:06 leader of the KKK group threaten 7:08 violence against the protesters in 7:11 Missouri and to killing and anonymous 7:14 more against violence against Kate 7:16 against division so the door of the 7:19 group exposed over 55 members of KKK all 7:23 high-ranking members and most involved 7:25 in a high level of politics senators and 7:28 congressmen governors and mayors many 7:31 doctors a website was up for a while 7:34 giving a page biography for each exposed 7:37 clan members while all of this work was 7:40 going on fearless one seemed to be 7:43 falling in love was not only anonymous 7:46 butter matter- but what was she to do 7:50 the protesters were then overrun by the 7:54 black lives matter movement which is 7:56 funded by George sorrows it seems the 7:59 peaceful protest in such an increasing 8:01 size and duration was too much for the 8:03 le to handle the paid the LM protesters 8:07 created violence in riots which 8:09 destroyed the peaceful hands up don't 8:11 shoot movement in the media stop using 8:13 the movements name and reports only 8:15 discussing the LM fearless one learned 8:19 much about those who control of their 8:21 friendship grew with Linus decaying when 8:24 he found out she was female it only 8:26 increased line has kept her safe online 8:29 which is where she was around the clock 8:32 even while at work by this time the 8:35 violence and rates and the KKK had risen 8:38 much the protests were countrywide and 8:41 the top highest level grand Wizards and 8:44 imperial dragons of the Ku Klux Klan 8:46 were being exposed by the dozens every 8:49 week then the group learned they had a 8:52 bitch 8:53 a fellow trusted amount of this sold-out 8:56 the identities of those he called friend 8:59 after an interview with ranking himself 9:03 those in the group found this out later 9:06 on 9:09 [Music] 9:20 throw some new faces and sounds awfully 9:23 troubled American town of Ferguson or 9:25 rather some new last they could flood 9:27 class anonymous the right-wing pay date 9:31 posted this threat to the activists 9:33 under Solomon a cave and probably become 9:36 service and use lethal force against 9:38 anyone wearing a tie for spark reaction 9:41 was quick and forthcoming you threaten 9:45 peaceful protesters with violence you 9:48 that notch we see your twitter account 9:50 we took down your website trance 10:01 the chores any sex education down any 10:09 pictures to perform very well be shut 10:12 down 10:15 analyst of attacks ranks and by hacking 10:19 facebook account that members publishing 10:21 them online public exposure of the 10:24 personal details 10:26 it's placed them in real danger some 10:28 members are so scared they decided to 10:31 quit the plant produces oh now you know 10:34 it's scared some people because of their 10:37 family 10:37 normal scumbags we're seeing what with a 10:42 while they got in they hacked your 10:45 website to know it was down i mean we 10:50 show is completely down 10:52 we had sex with then we'll get in 10:58 John and it's like heaven three children 11:01 and have reluctantly you're a loser for 11:05 will be repercussions speaking for the 11:07 white man the White Way our heritage our 11:10 next generation we got much longer lives 11:12 but this is the future of the white race 11:14 some of the elements in the group 11:26 received physical verbal written threats 11:28 one disappeared and other was nothing 11:32 the brakes on his car work so he would 11:34 be unable to stop with he was driving 11:36 after fearless one received that message 11:39 from him he disappeared and others cat 11:42 was killed in left George he was 11:45 verbally threatened his identity expose 11:47 he disappeared fearless one family was 11:51 dropping life's lives that is what 11:53 happens when dignity and loyalty died 11:55 while all of this was going on for week 11:58 fearless one made plans for the moment 12:01 when the shit really hit the fan which 12:04 she knew it would 12:05 this is a life an anonymous that is what 12:08 it means there will be no news articles 12:11 reporting deaths most never made it into 12:14 the news for their trials when one is 12:17 anonymous anonymous in every way the 12:20 identity is sacrificed for the idea 12:23 animals give up their previous 12:25 programming and re-installed with truth 12:28 fearless one had originally planned on 12:31 waiting for them to come she would not 12:33 go down without a fight and was prepared 12:36 than Linus offered her a place to go to 12:39 during this time the IRS he was so 12:41 infected animals were being used by 12:43 agents the group exposed the agents who 12:46 owned the server the IRC was on and the 12:49 anonymous that used to be dissolved more 12:52 probably than it was before there was no 12:55 one to trust and no one to help but 12:58 Linus is a true anonymous he holds the 13:01 idea and because of that life matters 13:04 every life no matter what fearless one 13:08 received a message one day that it was 13:10 time for her to leave they were coming 13:13 she went home and gathered her laptop 13:15 and USB and rest on the next plane she 13:18 had to wait in the safe house which he 13:21 had set up the head of times with her 13:22 passport she was heavily protected by 13:25 Hells Angels she had no money order 13:29 longings but Linus k in a few other 13:31 errands pulled their money together and 13:33 got the ticket that saved her life 13:36 one on from the group went public to 13:38 stay alive while at the safe house she 13:41 was going around online she stumbled 13:44 onto many files and documents which 13:46 caused the ship to really hit the fan 13:48 fearless one receive messages from a 13:52 friend saying private detectives have 13:54 been harassing fearless one's friends 13:56 and family trying to find her people had 13:59 to move to a different houses and change 14:01 phone numbers as this talking continued 14:05 the safe house was watched agent circled 14:08 the house from time to time trying to 14:10 see them would follow everyone who left 14:13 the house several times suit came to try 14:16 to get in but she was well protected and 14:19 had not been seeing no one knew she was 14:22 there for certain the government blocked 14:25 her passport for six weeks she was 14:28 talking to the last remaining anonymous 14:30 from the group who planned on leaving 14:32 the country as well during this downtime 14:35 they discovered who the switch was one 14:40 Alex culture was heading to Germany when 14:42 it was discovered he was paid by the 14:44 cake age of the trivia men's $1,000 / 14:48 said KKK is government runs and alex is 14:51 a bitch of coward and anonymous fraud 14:55 still today 14:56 hired by the government he now works as 14:58 a cyber agent and journalists helping to 15:02 keep the propaganda going boo just 15:05 another official owner of anonymous and 15:09 like all those who say they are they are 15:12 used by the government to have any not 15:14 an exposé reelin on the morning the 15:17 last one on from the group was to leave 15:19 the country whose car was on fire 15:22 fearless one was unable to get in touch 15:25 with her finals and after this sheet of 15:28 the next flight out as soon as the 15:30 documents in order and came to Linus in 15:35 a foreign country with the language she 15:37 never heard before everything was 15:40 different and as a refugee she could do 15:43 nothing but wait for an application to 15:45 go through so she was unable to make any 15:48 money and Linus at his own troubles 15:50 which we discussed in the previous video 15:52 times are very difficult especially in a 15:56 country where you cannot go to a pawn 15:58 shop we'll sell what you have for money 16:00 but that is the chain we are all the way 16:02 down by money fearless one was followed 16:07 internationally still able to keep your 16:10 files and documents safe she had to get 16:13 it out 16:13 people have a right to know what is 16:15 going on how they are controlled being 16:19 led to the slaughter and who is doing 16:21 this 16:22 le have done well to find their truth 16:25 and the true history and sciences from 16:27 the world there is one set of education 16:29 that the matters are given to learn and 16:31 here in dough and then just like the 16:34 internet there is the Deep Web vastly 16:38 larger pool of knowledge that has kept 16:40 him from the majority but it common 16:42 knowledge among those included the 16:44 fearless one wanted to find out who 16:46 these people were and expose them to the 16:49 world so she did see there was one red a 16:53 rough child interview one day in which 16:55 they claimed they to trace their genes 16:57 affect 16:58 Kane to 4400 DP however they never have 17:03 revealed that information and with the 17:05 claim being up there 17:07 fearless one took it upon herself to get 17:10 down to the truth and expose it once and 17:12 for all 17:13 she was a t-shirt word again so she 17:16 started at the basics DNA genetics then 17:21 she studied genealogy she found the le 17:24 families and read everything she found 17:26 some first-hand sources translating the 17:29 original work various medical scientific 17:33 astronomy language and other studies and 17:36 documents written by experts and 17:38 whistleblowers in their field she read 17:41 thousands of documents from the 17:42 blueprint of the houses there are 17:44 children al-douri Onassis and farnese 17:47 family's own to the artwork they have 17:50 what it means to the people painted work 17:54 statues they were in real life the 17:57 schools in clubs they want to she 18:00 followed them and learned much most will 18:02 never believe she studied their friends 18:05 their interests what they do behind 18:08 closed doors in the night 18:10 why they have so many secret looms and 18:12 hauls in their houses and castles what 18:15 they do at their parties she found many 18:18 many disturbing things grant pedophilia 18:22 and things that have no name and should 18:25 never be done soft-spoken out what they 18:29 really put into their wines before 18:31 selling them at 114214 dollars 18:36 know your enemy so she continued her 18:40 research and went further finest pushed 18:43 her to look deeper and go the extra step 18:45 even when she felt like giving him be 18:49 challenged or making sure she was not 18:51 looking forward said into their belief 18:53 in the way of thinking he shot her have 18:56 to wake up 18:57 how to be more than she was she followed 18:59 the LED back in time she uncovered for 19:02 herself 19:03 they have done to history across the 19:05 world in university they should study 19:09 three hours per credit hour serious 19:12 students study roughly 24 and 28 hundred 19:15 hours were here a PhD takes 4414 hours 19:20 over three years to complete within the 19:23 first 11 months of this focused research 19:25 the fearless one has spent over 7,000 19:29 hours of study on the LED lovely she 19:32 completed the genealogy that became 19:35 inflamed stands true the weight of what 19:38 was discovered was overwhelming in the 19:40 fearless one spent much time and energy 19:43 me crying and weeping in pain for the 19:45 blind masses she did not know what to do 19:48 but all of this is too big 19:51 people must now these things should be 19:53 known by all not hidden she compiled all 19:57 she could into a document trying to 19:59 summarize all she had learned so it 20:01 could be easily read understood and 20:04 passed to the masses knowing no one 20:06 would read anything long if at all 20:09 she made a limit of 150 pages this left 20:13 only time to jot down a very very brief 20:16 timeline of the main players of the 20:18 bloodlines though there was so much more 20:21 she said in which she could so she 20:24 learned how to make videos and websites 20:26 and get the message out to the world 20:28 account has been blocked 20:30 deleted and Bend video censored and 20:33 websites and articles taken down 20:35 repeatedly files have been hacked into 20:38 in bugged and much more 20:40 the battle we are in his real fearless 20:44 one is fear less or she has destroyed 20:48 your belief reviews 20:50 94 fear everything she knew she'd is 20:55 going from the proof into research she 20:57 has deleted all she was told from the 20:59 elite the programming is no more 21:03 she has walked through the fires of 21:05 deception and lightened fear that she is 21:07 anonymous and anonymous will not be 21:09 burned though it hurts the programming 21:12 is difficult to break for we must be 21:15 willing to and learn what we have been 21:17 taught by them erase the programming the 21:20 reactions the metal constipation 21:23 recognize the symbols the time 21:26 listen to and understand what the elite 21:29 in what they mean 21:31 do not be deceived it was difficult she 21:34 spent many months struggling to accept 21:36 the truth she found to leap program her 21:39 mind in the truth but that is with 21:41 anonymous requires fearless one made a 21:44 choice when she became anonymous to give 21:48 their life to truth to fight 23 people 21:51 but she cannot free her fellow humans 21:53 from their slavery she is forced to 21:56 watch in torment as a blind wander in 21:58 the dark without knowing forced to hold 22:01 the weight of what is to come 22:03 she cannot stop it alone so in the hope 22:07 that one may wake up for just one person 22:10 is worth the world this one other person 22:13 is willing to speak truth and only truth 22:16 regardless the cost then the information 22:20 she has will not die with her 22:22 truth is the light in the darkness we 22:25 fight against the forces of darkness 22:27 which can never extinguish their light 22:29 so long as those with the idea the light 22:33 of truth 22:34 keep shining the idea will live on 22:38 expected

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