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9 11 / what Main Stream Media didn't tell you

It's obvious that it was our own government that have done this to our people. What's more disgusting though is that there are no riots, or no people standing around the white house asking for answers. You can give all the speeches you want, but until millions of us show up knocking down the doors for answers with proof, we will never pull the sheet over this lie.

it's the government who did it to kill the American people and points fingers at Saddam Hussein and Iraqi people who didn't do anything

the dust lady photo has become one of 0:22 the iconic images of 911 the image of a 0:26 woman shocked and disoriented completely 0:28 covered in dust from the demolition of 0:30 the Twin Towers brings the nearly 0:32 incomprehensible events of that day down 0:35 to a human scale but of course the dust 0:38 lady was not the only one to feel the 0:40 effects of the blanket of dust that 0:41 descended on manhattan after the towers 0:43 fell in the hours days and weeks that 0:46 followed thousands upon thousands of 0:48 victims first responders emergency 0:51 personnel cleanup crews and residents 0:54 were subjected to the poisonous to of 0:56 asbestos benzene mercury lead cadmium 0:59 and other particulates from which many 1:01 are now dying 1:03 dr. David present chief medical officer 1:06 with a New York Fire Department spent 1:08 seven years examining more than 10,000 1:10 firefighters those who were at the World 1:12 Trade Center site after nine eleven and 1:14 those who worked and we found an 1:16 increase in all cancers combined a 1:20 nineteen percent increase in cancers 1:23 compared to the non-exposed World Trade 1:26 Center group talk about the most 1:27 pressing medical issues facing i love 1:29 and first responders right now 1:31 cancer in the beginning the first few 1:35 years it was respiratory but now it's 1:36 cancers and this is just the first wave 1:38 of cancers to blood cancers the 1:40 leukemias the allgame cancers butt up in 1:43 5 10 20 years you're going to see the 1:45 asbestos cancers there'll be another 1:46 wave of Kansas and like I tell everybody 1:49 this is a generation long issue in a 1:51 generation long illness every morning I 1:54 wake up I'm gonna take 33 pills within 1:57 the course of the day at 47 years old i 2:01 have lungs of an 80 year old man that 2:03 would have been a smoker people say you 2:06 have to forget about 911 and I say how 2:10 could i forget about 911 every morning I 2:12 got to take this medication and walk 2:14 around with an oxygen tank if the brave 2:18 men and women who had rushed to the 2:19 World Trade Center in the chaotic days 2:21 after nine eleven to help with the 2:23 search and rescue have done so knowing 2:25 the risks they were facing that would be 2:27 one thing but of course they did not 2:30 they had been given false assurances by 2:32 christine Todd Whitman the epa 2:35 administrator who assured the public 2:36 just days into the cleanup that the air 2:39 was safe to breathe you know as bestest 2:42 was in there is a most buildings letters 2:44 in those buildings there are the 2:47 boc however 2:49 concentrations are such that they don't 2:52 pose a health hazard as the weeks and 2:56 months dragged on Whitman the EPA and 2:59 its officials made statement after 3:01 statement after statement reaffirming 3:03 that contaminant levels were low or 3:05 non-existent and that the air quality in 3:07 Manhattan posed no public health concern 3:10 we now know that these reassurances were 3:13 outright lies on September 18 the very 3:17 same day that Whitman and the EPA were 3:19 encouraging new yorkers to return to 3:21 work the agency detected sulfur dioxide 3:24 levels in the air so high that according 3:26 to one industrial hygienist they 3:28 exceeded the EPA standard for a 3:30 classification of hazardous by that time 3:34 first responders were already reporting 3:36 a range of health problems including 3:38 coughing wheezing I irritation and 3:41 headaches the evidence continued to pour 3:44 in that there were serious health 3:45 concerns for those in and around 3:47 manhattan but the information was 3:49 suppressed almost as quickly as it was 3:51 discovered when a local lab tested dust 3:54 samples from near the world trade center 3:56 site and found dangerous concentrations 3:58 of fiberglass and asbestos the New York 4:01 State Department of Health warned local 4:03 labs that they would lose their licenses 4:05 if they process any more independent 4:07 sampling when US Geological Survey 4:10 scientists began performing tests on 4:12 their own dust samples they were shocked 4:14 at the alphabet soup of heavy metals 4:16 they found in it they forwarded this 4:19 information to the EPA but the agency 4:21 continue to assure the public that there 4:23 was no evidence of long-term health 4:25 risks the drama continued to unfold as 4:28 information poured in about benzene lead 4:31 and other environmental toxins yet on 4:34 September 18 the EPA specifically 4:36 advised the public against wearing 4:38 respirators outside the World Trade 4:40 Center restricted area then just two 4:44 weeks later the agency distributed 4:46 respirators to their own staffers at the 4:48 EPA's region to building on broadway 4:51 street as scientists industrial 4:54 hygienists and even other government 4:56 officials began to accuse the EPA of 4:59 covering up the true extent of the 5:00 problem in New York the agency continued 5:03 with its dog and assertion that the air 5:05 was safe to breathe it wasn't until 5:08 $MONTH 2003 that the EPA's own inspector 5:11 general revealed that the white house 5:13 had been editing the agency's press 5:15 releases all along finding that the 5:18 White House Council on Environmental 5:19 Quality influenced through the 5:21 collaboration process the information 5:23 that EPA communicated to the public 5:26 through its early press releases when it 5:28 convinced EPA to add reassuring 5:30 statements and delete cautionary ones 5:33 when new documents were released to the 5:36 public in $MONTH 2011 on the eve of the 5:38 10th anniversary of 911 5:40 it was discovered that this editing was 5:42 even worse than originally feared there 5:46 were there were clear warnings 5:49 specifically on Water Street which were 5:51 those people in and this area know is 5:53 not far from Wall Street that showed 5:55 that that the levels of contaminants in 5:57 here were too high for people to go back 5:59 that was removed which was bad enough 6:01 and then replaced with in a 6:04 recommendation that people go back to 6:06 work they were urged to go back even 6:09 though the early samples were showing 6:14 that there were high levels of 6:15 contaminants and then you point out also 6:17 that in many cases they were telling 6:20 people it was safe before they had even 6:22 finished conducting initial tests in in 6:27 one email exchange that happens on the 6:30 13th so it's just a day and a half later 6:33 the people in Washington at the White 6:35 House Council on Environmental Quality 6:37 are telling the people up here 6:39 hey Christine Whitman is coming up she 6:41 don't talk to reporters because all the 6:43 results so far have been so positive 6:45 well all the results so far showed 6:47 almost nothing because there were almost 6:48 no results and yet they were they were 6:50 so they were committed to this message 6:53 of reassurance 6:54 despite the facts and that's not the way 6:57 it should happen 6:58 outraged at the fact that they had been 7:01 lied to and their lives put at risk 7:04 residents and workers in lower Manhattan 7:06 and Brooklyn sued Whitman and the EPA in 7:08 2004 into 2006 ruling allowing the 7:12 class-action lawsuit to proceed judge 7:14 Debra a bats of federal district court 7:17 in manhattan excoriated women finding 7:19 that her baseless assurances that the 7:21 air was safe increased and may have in 7:24 fact created the danger to people living 7:26 and working in the area ruling that the 7:29 EPA did in fact make misleading 7:32 statements of safety about the air 7:34 quality judge batt said the allegations 7:36 in this case of Whitman's reassuring and 7:39 misleading statements of safety after 7:40 the September 11 2001 attacks are 7:43 without question conscience shocking 7:46 that's his decision was overturned by a 7:50 panel of judges in 2008 who ruled that 7:52 misleading the public and contributing 7:54 to the health problems and deaths of 7:56 untold Ground Zero workers was not 7:58 conscious shocking enough to override 8:00 her immunity from prosecution as a 8:02 federal agent if Wittman has a 8:05 conscience at all it is evidently not 8:08 shocked by any of these accusations she 8:11 has not only never conceded guilt or 8:13 even expressed sorrow for the ongoing 8:15 sickness and deaths that her actions 8:17 helped bring about she has repeatedly 8:20 defended the actions of herself and the 8:22 EPA in general statements that ePA 8:25 officials made after nine eleven were 8:27 based on the judgment of experienced 8:30 environmental and health professionals 8:31 at EPA OSHA and the CDC who had analyzed 8:35 the test data that 13 different 8:37 organizations and agencies were 8:39 collecting in lower Manhattan I do not 8:41 recall any EPA scientists or experts 8:44 responsible for reviewing this data ever 8:47 advising me that the test data from 8:48 lower manhattan show that the air or 8:51 water proposed long-term health risk for 8:54 the general public 8:55 women's lies are not just those of 8:59 another self-serving politicians looking 9:01 to save their job or stay out of jail 9:02 they are the lives of someone who has 9:05 contributed to the deteriorating health 9:07 and even the death of thousands of in 9:09 isn't men and women for the victims of 9:12 christine Todd Whitman the EPA the White 9:15 House Council on Environmental Quality 9:16 and all of the other agencies and 9:19 officers who lied to the public about 9:21 the health risks in New York 911 is not 9:24 a single day of horror that occurred a 9:26 decade and a half ago 9:27 it is a slowly unfolding nightmare one 9:30 that every day brings them one step 9:32 closer to their grave the dust lady is 9:36 one of the icons of the tragedy of that 9:39 day shouldn't be any surprise then that 9:42 she too was ravaged by 911 related 9:44 diseases and ultimately died of cancer 9:46 last year she was not the first person 9:49 to die from the aftermath of 911 and 9:53 thanks to christine Todd Whitman and the 9:55 liars at the EPA who have consigned 9:57 untold thousands to a similar fate 10:00 she will not be the last 10:05 my name is david miller on September 11 10:10 2001 along with hundreds of my fellow 10:13 troops i went to ground zero 10:15 no one asked us no orders were given we 10:19 want because our city our country our 10:22 neighbors were under attack and we knew 10:25 what to do at least we thought we did 10:28 [Music] 10:33 on September 13th marched back in groups 10:36 of twos and threes at first and then 10:39 dozens until they must have been more 10:41 than 200 us carrying ropes ladders tools 10:45 of every kind back into the smoke and 10:50 the poison rubble where we recent 10:52 intersection with hundreds of civilians 10:54 cheering us on our uniforms were torn 10:57 and soiled or resolve was simple to stay 10:59 and dig as long as we had any hope to 11:01 save anybody I want to tell you about 11:04 how sick so many of these brave men and 11:06 women have become i want to tell you 11:09 about how the mayor refused to accept 11:11 the fact that not dozens not hundreds of 11:15 many thousands of us were contaminated 11:17 sickened poisoned by the most toxic 11:20 combination of building materials in the 11:22 history of disaster relief and that 45 11:25 terrible years he ignore that fact five 11:31 years of our family members watching us 11:33 drop dead and everytime popular 11:36 mechanics calls the people this movement 11:38 nuts 11:42 these propagandists professional liars 11:45 and tools who cannot by any stretch of 11:47 the imagination be considered 11:49 journalists strike another nail into the 11:52 coffin of another rescue worker timex I 11:58 actually figure very largely a number of 12:00 the key spiracy the fact of the matter 12:03 is we are coming from a country that 12:05 experiences terror daily our purpose was 12:07 the document the event

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