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Ushering In a Totalitarian Police State in Cashless “Smart Cities”

It is essential to use cash wherever and whenever you can

Total Slavery Tactic:
1. Invent $
2. Replace Gold and give it to banks
3. Take ownership of $
4. Make electronic currency
5. Make all dependencies work on EC
6. Limit cash transactions
7. Remove cash from circulation
8. Ask for rent on EC stored in accounts (negative interest for savings)
9. Slave labor for anyone with too much negative amount.
Slavery 100% successful.

The cashless society is not about ease of payment but really taking away "all our wealth"!!! This includes gold & silver & platinum which will also become illegal for any common middle-class or millionaire to have & will be confiscated! Even the jewelry industry will collapse as jewelry stores are raided & all jewelry is taken! Police will be ordered to seize wedding bands & class rings for the state!!!!!

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