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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP On LBC - The European Union Wants Another Cold War

Now the European Union Dictatorship wants its own standing army?? How will this be funded?? Do any people get to vote on whether they want resources to be spent on this?? Going to pay for both this army and NATO?? To whom will this army be accountable?? Looks like a Mini-Globalism!! Another fake Unity move while the EU is coming apart at the seams!! With the Financial mess built up over the past three decades or so about to hit the fan: off they go into the wild blue yonder. What will they use this army for?? Promoting Transgender Special Forces?? Holding the EU together by force of arms?? Martial Law response to Muslim Illegal Aliens?? Attack an imaginary hoard of Cooties unleashed by Russia?? Time for Europe to do some voting!! Time to start reversing like in the US: what the Globalist Clowns keep telling us is Irreversible!! PS. Why would Britain help fund anything in a EU it is leaving?? Brits better take to the streets in a show of Noncompliance!!

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  1. work more enjoy less work even more and find yourself dead this is the brexit nigel farage murdoch, their solution join the $ and died even sooner. the way out join a stronger euro without the $ and let the toilet paper currency collapse buy gold and central banks return to the gold standards. to have money that does has real value not the printed toilet paper called us dollar. is your choice !!!

  2. When you have a president that is incapable of being a president you might believe is a terrible idea, but is not. True trump is really a disaster will achieve nothing, the reason he exists on a upside down world. however, his chaotic mind is the key to success. The continuity of his errors is exactly an advantage: example; when he points at Iran and comments quite insanely, it is that precise insanity that will upturn his words, today you have the chance of upturning the upside-down world that you exist by and return to sanity. Trump is the current upside-down realm you live in, he is your reality of total chaos; he is also the key, all you got to do is the opposite of what he say’s and wants with some proper insight and precise timing. And the world returns to his proper position. Trump is the hiding upside down world revealed of today, can be corrected by discerning it properly and doing the opposite wisely timely.