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Trump’s Rising Civil War With the CIA

The same CIA that Kennedy wanted to dash to the four winds for he knew of the shadow government and their corruption. But also besides getting it wrong about weapons of mass destruction used as an excuse to attack Iraq they also brought heroin and cocaine into the black inner cities way back in the turbulent 60's, on thru the 70's and climaxing into the 80's & 90's and on to the present date with gangland drug homicides which destroyed beautiful neighborhoods and turned them into urban combat zones of fear in a hidden form of genocide. The mainstream media, the present sitting president (actually the last 53 years worth) administration, the current congress, the senate, the FBI and the CIA are all in collusion to destroy this country. We literally have few in the political arena or in our premier law enforcement agencies we can trust or depend on. Maybe we have support from our military however. We the people may be the last line in the sand (if we can stand firm against this manufactured racial divide that's being used to divide us) that stand in support for our current president elect despite all the cheating and lies to take him from us.

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