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Trump Will Kick George Soros OUT of the US -- Anonymous

Soros is a despicable twit. He is a Jew who helped Nazis parse through the clothes and belongings of dead jews in concentration camps. He passed himself off as a gentile during WWII and helped the authorities against his own Jewish people. Some give him a pass saying he was trying to stay alive but if you listen to his own mutterings you will see (or hear) that he went overboard in his act. He was a turncoat in my opinion. Now he is a cut throat and a left wing piece of trash. His money has helped him manipulate other nation's reserves and money to the point of near bankruptcy. He is an enemy of conservatism or even normalcy. He is the man whose money got Obama elected and we all know what a catastrophe that has been. He is a champion of the NWO which is nothing more than a pack of rich liberals trying to run the world. Soros is trash. He is a wannabe dictator himself and he has the nerve to compare someone else to Hitler??

 Anonymous Message 2017 - You have to watch this!
Something big is going to happen!
This is the latest Anonymous message to the global public.

Billionaire globalist George Soros has penned a panicked rant in which he decries President-elect Donald Trump as a “would be dictator” who threatens the future of the new world order.

With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the BREXIT vote in Great Britain, a pattern is beginning to emerge. This pattern is indicating that a major take-down of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, among other organizations, both sub and individual, is in process.

George Soros has also been instrumental in manipulating western policy towards Russia and China in general.

Panama Papers leaks, the case has been made that George Soros was behind this and the goal was to expose the Rothschild connections throughout the global banking network with the intent of taking control of the global governance process. This attempted coup against the Rothschild’s and the more hidden international banking powers which they represent, is now collapsing and the backlash could very well be violent.

The Trump platform represents a direct attack on the organizations and strategies of George Soros. Along with BREXIT, Donald Trump will be enacting policies to reduce and stop immigration from terrorist supporting nations. This can be assumed to be nations that are in alliance with George Soros.

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