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Trump Starts Building The Wall along The Border with Mexico

Trump is set to begin construction on the Border Wall  .The US and Mexico At Odds - Border Wall Construction Begins Today

Frankly, i hate the whole wall idea. I'd rather see a wall of men, in the form of a border patrol increase. With increased attitude, & lethal intent for anyone illegally crossing our borders. A wall, i fear, will make it easier to turn this land into a prison.
Part of the problem is, a lot of people don't believe in the bible, NWO, elites, etc. Then there are those who do, that are part of the establishment wanting to put the agenda as such.

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  1. is more a upside-down world of actors when the ring master appears. In the show the villain is now the hero the hero becomes the villain to be precise the trump election is trump the hero Hillary the villain, this is now upside-down, trump is now the villains & Nigel, the hero is missing he is not present now, le pen as she has pledge to the villain trump. Who was a hero in 2016 but no longer?

  2. trump is becoming a patsy a marionette no different than hitler, as hitler got on well at the beginning of his career he believed on himself quite nationalist, like trump, but ended defeated and germans on a very sorry state, however who benefit, not hitler but exxon mobil, rockefeller bankers ford, the jekyll island bankers. hitler had a very good information network so trump with info-trump and breitbart the new gestapo. is quite similar trump moves no fly zone, is like a hitler cook book acted by trump and written by the FED.