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Up to 200,000 protesters are gathering for a "Women's March on Washington", part of a global day of protests against US President Donald Trump.

The rally is one of more than 600 expected worldwide on Mr Trump's first full day in office.

The aim is to highlight women's rights, which protesters believe to be under threat from the new administration.

Mr Trump has taken his first steps, signing an executive order targeting his predecessor's health care scheme. What began as a single march planned for Washington has expanded to 673 sister marches in US cities and around the world, including in Australia and New Zealand. Marches will follow in all US states and in 58 countries. More than two million people are estimated to join worldwide. During and after the inauguration on Friday, a number of protests erupted in violence in a pocket of Washington DC, with a limousine being set on fire, windows smashed, cars vandalised and rocks pegged at police officers outside the parade route President Donald Trump would later take.

Riot police went head to head with protesters, with close to 100 people believed have been arrested.

Protesters threw flares and smoke bombs were released, while pepper spray was used to subdue offenders.

Two police officers were taken to hospital after a scuffle with protesters they were trying to arrest. Uber employees arriving to work at the ride-hailing company's headquarters Friday morning found this unusual scene: anti-Donald Trump protesters chained to the entrance doors.

On a day that is traditionally a celebration of national unity that transcends party politics, Democrats are taking battle stations for what they expect to be a years long effort to oppose the new commander in chief.

“We want to stand firm in the face of injustice, and we want to let Donald Trump and our entire federal government know, as well as state governments, that we are determined to see things changed,” said Lauren Footman, 25, a community organizer who is staging an afternoon Rally for Humanity at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to resist what she called the “forces of intolerance.” The scene was just one tense moment that played out after police deployed pepper spray as hundreds rallied Friday night outside the National Press Club, where a pro-Trump event billed as the "DeploraBall" was being held. Some demonstrators set off smoke devices in the middle of the crowd, and police in riot gear mobilized to block entrance to the event.

About 3 square miles (nearly 8 square km) of central Washington will be in a security cordon that will include roadblocks, street barricades and about 3,000 extra police, federal officers and 5,000 National Guard troops.

But although it’s hard to predict the size of the crowds that will greet President-elect Donald Trump at his public events this week, it seems increasingly clear that the after-hours revelry will be markedly muted. Not only is Trump hosting only three official balls — far fewer than his predecessors at their first inaugurals — but the spillover festivities appear smaller and fewer.

"We believe that it's our role and the role of any people with conscience to try to disrupt this inauguration and have a massive showing of resistance on that day," Samantha Miller, a DisruptJ20 organizer, said at a news conference. TRUMP "Donald Trump" USA America U.S. "United States" "Washington DC" News "Breaking News" People "We The People" Immigration Leader Leadership Event Events Survival Emergency "emergency supplies" 2017 2018 future history historic control power presidential president metro shut closed transport capital life lifestyle air vote movie prediction peaceful entertainment trends trending "elite nwo agenda" alex jones george soros new world order illuminati symbolism movie prediction fema order out of chaos obama 3rd term third term

The U.S. Secret Service and Washington police are expecting some 900,000 people to pack into the area between the Capitol and White House on Friday to view the swearing-in and will have thousands of uniformed officers on site.

Trump has angered many on the left with demeaning comments about women, immigrants and Muslims, a vow to repeal the sweeping healthcare reform law known as "Obamacare" and plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"We support everyone's First Amendment right to peaceably protest," a spokeswoman said in an email, referring to the amendment to the U.S. Constitution that protects the right to free expression.

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