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The Symbol of the Resistance

Pepe(kek be upon him) is a meme of Peace.
The meme warriors were simply training their masses in their own territory, when the media lashed out in violence. And the meme warriors, with the blessings of Kek, peace be upon him, now wage war on the forces of the media, ruthlessly slaughtering them.
raise kek! the almighty frog god and his holy human reincarnation donald J trump. may there rain last a million years.

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  1. The apocalypse is the advice of Nigel Farage: join American banks, wall street, enforce the Economical Nato against Europe; get toilet paper currency which is the us dollar and enslave British citizens, and demoralize them with and internal civil war: He does not even understand what BREXIT means, surprisingly he believed is all real, is not. Nigel don’t forget the one that controls the past controls the future and is not Murdoch that has that power, neither TRUMP. Unfortunately, America is the problem not Europe, your problem is that you now exist on an upside-down realm, and your perception is totally off, yes European banks are gone so are British banks and American banks, the industrial revolution the 1913 system is over. That is the reality that you do not perceive. Now there is a new system put in place, which you do not recognize on your upside-down world neither TRUMP. When a new system is put in place is not advertised on the front pages of a newspaper it just happens.


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