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The Secrets Of Power - David Icke

David has done some great research and written some very good books.Alot of his theories are pretty revealing,and they make you want to explore other trains of thought. It's like all research you get from any source you pick through it and draw your own conclusions. You don't have to 100% agree with it all but respect the stuff that you know is true.
"The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think." --David Icke

David Icke says in his books that we are all god, we are part of infinite conciseness. The reptiles thing is too complicated to even be approached here.
Its no crazier than the Biblical reference to the Beast, alluding to the concept of the human creature being animal as opposed to being a Spiritual creature. This is the which is greater, the Creature, or the Creator ... this is the sense I see in the perspective of David Icke. Its simply first nature for Icke to relate to it as he does, while those who are not accustomed to envisioning human creatures as reptilian I.e. Cold blooded, void of conscious of compassion, consumed with consuming, such have no conscious of Spiritual conscious, or just simply believe in the extreme that the animal conscious is the ultimate spiritual conscious, which is the distinction between blasphemy and truth!

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  1. The apocalypse is the advice of Nigel Farage: join American banks, wall street, enforce the Economical Nato against Europe; get toilet paper currency which is the us dollar and enslave British citizens, and demoralize them with and internal civil war: He does not even understand what BREXIT means, surprisingly he believed is all real, is not. Nigel don’t forget the one that controls the past controls the future and is not Murdoch that has that power, neither TRUMP. Unfortunately, America is the problem not Europe, your problem is that you now exist on an upside-down realm, and your perception is totally off, yes European banks are gone so are British banks and American banks, the industrial revolution the 1913 system is over. That is the reality that you do not perceive. Now there is a new system put in place, which you do not recognize on your upside-down world neither TRUMP. When a new system is put in place is not advertised on the front pages of a newspaper it just happens.

  2. is probably royal brains not blood. remember moses jesus and the duke of normandy william the conqueror. royal brains.


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