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ANONYMOUS - PUTIN Says "Goodbye" To The NEW WORLD ORDER Government!

The United States is waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya for 2 reasons: 1) The Petrodollar, which is the backbone of US economy and superpower status was abandoned by those countries 2) These countries were – and Syria still is – rogue states, because they don´t have Rothschild central bank. And NATO has even usurped the role as the Rockefeller /Rothschild Syndicate´s UN Army. Why Russia is now skipping the dollar and the Rothschild central bank: As I wrote in my latest post, the King of Jews, Vladimir Putin, is becoming the new Stalin and he is now beginning to dismantle Rothschild´s Russian central bank as suggested by his advisor, Yevgeni Fyodorow, 2 years ago. Fyodorow then said: “Our Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economics, are driving us along the road to destruction of the Russian economy, because they are executing the orders of Washington and London. We need to return to a classic economy, nationalization of the ruble and rapid de-offshoring, as Putin puts it. Comment: OK – but Putin & Co had hidden a lot of private money in Panama!! In an interview with The Pravda 0n December 30, 2014, Fyodorow said, ” The Constitution says that the central bank is subject .. to international agreements. Administration of the Russian central bank is based outside Russia. The entire segment of the investment is based on the dollar and euro. The central bank has foreign currency reserves – $ 450 billion to date. This amount exceeds the cash ruble assets 2.5 times.

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