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The Elite Are Pushing For "Russian Hacking" Propaganda

Putin the Great ran out the CIA backed ISIS out of Aleppo. President Trump will take out the Shadow Government and the CIA in Washington. They are the biggest threat against America. They manage ISIS in all aspects of the terrorist organization. Trump just appointed General Kellogg to his Chief of Staff. Trump has appointed five Generals to his Kitchen Cabinet which is turning into Trump's War Cabinet to take out the Shadow Government and the CIA. Trump will order the U.S. Military to smoke them. It will be as very quick operation. The Presidential Transition will definitely not be a peaceful one. Trump will survive it unscathed but the Shadow Government is at the end of it's blood soaked road.

The MSM has conveniently limited the "talking point" (singular) to the term hack/hacked... there is NOBODY saying WHAT was supposedly hacked... if anything, they just say "the election" !! They don't DARE say "the voting machines... like the Wiki emails said, "we've got to keep George happy" and that statement might get his "core-hack" machines removed!! (As they should be) Did the Russians hack the paper ballots?? NOBODY in Media is saying, "Hacked what, exactly?" The voting machines operate OFF-LINE from the Internet... They cannot be hacked by Internet hacking, only by internal "core-hack" method! This is just "phase two" of the strategy mapped out at the NY Soros Meeting that took place about NOV. 16th... phase three is probably assassination attempts! Keep those Secret Service Agents stacked high and tight Mr. Trump!!!
The Senate pushes forward in repealing Obamacare, Trump creates executive orders and the first hurdle is overcome. There is opinion peace on how to attack North Korea. US is sending tanks personnel to the border of Russia, the US is also sending a special op team, why? Russia aggression. US bombing runs never hit the IS oil production facilities. The Elite are setting the lights out scenario, they are pushing the propaganda that Russia has attacked the elections system, the electrical grid and now Canada is on board reporting that Russia is accessing their power grid. This is the main event unfolding where the elite will shutdown the power grid.

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