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Alex Jones Reveals The Secret To 2017

Alex Jones unleashes one take of awesomeness looking back at 2016 and how we can make 2017 even better.

there is a battle of old criminals and true patriots in the intel world- to which I feel like the whole idea of the "CIA invading Wikileaks".. is half truth. I think that "leak" was from the criminal CIA elements, telling whistleblowers not to go to WL b/c of infiltration. But WL was infiltrated... willingly I think. I believe they were approached by the NYPD leaks and others... from Patriots.. who have been prepping this info while Assange has been "missing". He has an issue w/ timing... and rather than cckteasing the ppl. My analysis of this ordeal, is that the people leaking, prolly demanded that they would have to be included... and kept quiet. They dont want the enemy knowing the plans. The rogue CIA personnel, have been operating and perpetuating these unspeakable crimes for decades... and it is now time for this to come to light. This will be the biggest and fastest way to purge the bad elements from our gov and included agencies.

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  1. the new or rather world order is TRUMP, nothing has changed trump is a republican because only a democrat or a republican can be a president in america anyone else is not allowed. reason is the law of the new world order, and forget the media is just a distraction CNN is still here and infowars will eventually disappear.
    the truth you ignore, one question, is trump a republican, if he is then you are a liar, if he is not you are rigth, to have a real new government it has to be someone is not a republican neither a democrat the rest is just crap ignoring reality is OK but ignoring the consequences of ignoring reality is impossible something you will see soon, however it will be too late, same as jesus before he cursed israel, he said you got a messenger from god and you ignored him, the result israel got destroyed, and god indeed send a saviour to america but you ignored, reason why it is was and has always being a democrats republicans opposites while they are both the same, and trump and congress are republicans same as dick cheney and bush. and that is a fact for alex jones now that he has become glenn beck and you. in 2001 you got the republican that gave you a war so get ready. the saviour you ignored it was jill stein..!!


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