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Shadow Government & False Flags - Operation Gladio in the US?

CIA admits lying about WMD in Iraq...... Now says "Russians of mass election fraud in cyberspace".... hacking into all the unsecure computers that Hillary and her crime family used..
They want a CIVIL WAR if they steal the election, which they will GET!

The Evil Liberal Demon-Rats and their minions the Main Stream Media are spreading Fake News in an attempt to hold on to power!!! These Evil/ Satanic people do not care about destroying the US and its people, if necessary ,to accomplish their evil agenda! All they care is about Power and Control!! They know their days are numbered and are all out in full force,! This is a war of Evil against Good!!! WE The People will need to be alert and aware of what is really going on! Let's Keep praying! Good will prevailed!!!

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