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Russian Hacking Claims Destroyed

What You Need To Know About The Latest Russian Hacking Hysteria
What part of there is no evidence presented so far that the Russian State hacked the DNC or Podesta's emails or was involved in the Vermont charade doesn't the Inquirer get? The released FBI report is an intelligence embarrassment and is clearly a politicized document with no proof of Russian Intelligence Service culpability. In fact, the report appears to have been internally sabotaged by the writers by prefacing the report with a disclaimer and specifically stating it could have been civilians etc., etc. It is as if the forger of Obama's fake birth certificate who left blatant manipulation evidence of the forged birth certificate helped write the bogus report.

The NSA, which was created to spy on foreign governments can also spy on its own government. The Democrats have been caught and they don't like it and will never admit any wrong-doing. The real shame here is the Democrat base who is so stupid they will believe anything that they are told to believe.
Russia under Putin is less-socialist than any EU country or the USA. Do you prefer the Euros get their petroleum from Wahabbis? I don't. I want to see Saudi Oil sit in the ground - un-sale-able - because no developed nation will fund their 12th Century butchery.

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