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BREAKING NEWS Julian Assange EXPOSING Hillary Clinton !!!!!!!!

Julian Assange "Interview Sean Hannity" in London 1/3/17 (Full Video)

this man risked his own life, his freedom and his family's in the name of truth, and Hillary and obummer want him dead, whistleblowers instead of being praised, are being demonized.

Obama just said that he could have won the 3rd term if he was the candidate This implies that he is (subconsciously) blaming Hillary (the candidate) and NOT Russian hacking for their election loss. Russia did not influence the election. Wikileaks Julian Assange already said Russia was 100% not the source of their DNC and Podesta emails Don't let DEM and MSM Lies take root.
The evil embedded in Washington, including puppet Obama and his handlers, must be ferreted out and jailed for treason against our country. Truth is truth, and facts are facts. It is clear that Obama and the complicit fools working with him to undermine our country will never stop unless they are jailed. Why are they not already jailed? Screams to the treasonous evil deeply embedded in Our dear Country.

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