Rush Limbaugh on Trump Inauguration Speech 1/20/2017

RUSH: Trump 'TRIPLED DOWN' On Every Theme Of His Campaign At Inaugural Address

Rush Limbaugh was born on January 12, 1951, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. After breaking into a radio career in the 1970s, Limbaugh was fired for being too controversial as a news commentator. However, by 1984, he had become the top radio host in Sacramento, California. Limbaugh's greatest success came in August 1988, when The Rush Limbaugh Show (nationally syndicated from New York City by the ABC Radio Network) premiered. Known for its heavy political focus and sometimes extreme conservative slant, The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air for more than two decades and is credited today as the highest-rated American talk radio program. In addition to his radio success, Limbaugh makes regular appearances as a political commentator on television, and has authored a number of magazine articles and books, including The Way Things Ought to Be (1992).

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