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RED ALERT: Barack Obama Just Gave Iran 116 Metric Tons Of Uranium!

Anybody shocked by this? C’mon, Obama wants Iran to have nukes. The only people who can’t figure out that Obama is on the side of Muslim terrorists are the democrat voters.
Well, if the Iranians make a bomb with this uranium and use it to destroy New York City, at least you won’t have to read a leftist elitist defense of the Obama administration’s policy in the New York Times!

THANKS, OBAMA, you radical extremist Muslim putz! The Iran ’Deal’, insures that they can’t make a nuclear weapon, so let’s give these poor terrorists a helping hand from Uncle Sam… here’s a few tons of uranium, just to get you guys started on the right track! With a President lime Obama, who needs enemas? As soon as Trump takes office, he should change the pre-targeting of our nuclear arsenal to Iran… just in case one of their Muslim Ayatollahs gets a limpy with his bed-boy and he gets a bit grumpy… he may decide to take it out on us.

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