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President Donald Trump Latest News Today 1/30/17 , W Kellyanne Conway , on Trump's Travel Ban

Pay attention to what Mccain says. He makes His money off war!!!

How is Trump going to address the giant 9/11 lie told to The American People? Now that we (most of us) know that there were no 19 hijackers, the missile that hit the Pentagon and the fake plane that crashed in PA? Not to mention building #7 in the WTC complex? How is he going to frame the case of the false flag operation against three thousand dead due to that gigantic lie? Will he ask for the indictments of the Bush Administrations for planning and executing that assault against America and the 'free world'? How is he going to make America Great Again if you let those responsible for 9/11 go free? Trump's administration sure has it's work cut out for it.

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