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Planet X is on its Way to us

Planet X Incoming: Birth Pangs December 2016

As we enter a new and uncertain geopolitical climate with the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, so we also appear to be entering a new and uncertain natural climate. The relentless global escalation of extreme weather, geological upheaval, and cosmic bombardment continued last month, ending a year the authorities claim was (again) "the warmest ever - and it's humans' fault." Still no explanation from them as to how 'man-made CO2' is responsible for - among other new or increased natural phenomena - all the sinkholes opening up and killing people; the meteor fireballs raining out of the sky; redirecting the course of high-altitude jet streams; and increasing the frequency of earthquakes two or three-fold. But pay no attention to those details - they're probably just signs that we're heading into another ice age. Highlights in our Earth Changes Summary video for December 2016 include: Persistent, heavy fog across the world last month - northern Europe, India, China and the Persian Gulf Return of the 'polar vortex' to both North America and Russia, bringing record-breaking snow and cold temperatures Snow in the Sahara Desert, Arabian Desert, and Syria Thundersnow, snow-nadoes, 'fog walls', 'fog domes', 'spinning ice disks', and other bizarre cold weather-related phenomena! Severe flash-flooding (and a tornado) across southern 'sunny' Spain Outbreak of forest fires in the Swiss Alps... in winter!? At least a half dozen spectacular meteor fireball events in North and South America, Europe, and Central Asia A string of powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the Pacific Ring of Fire Widespread flooding in Southeast Asia during its 'dry season' Record-breaking rainfall in Australia's desert regions

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