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Nigel Farage Is Worried About the Rest of Europe after Brexit

Before, Europe was about treaties, laws and our sovereign right to govern ourselves. Now, it's about everyday lives says Nigel Farage
We must break up the eurozone. We must set those Mediterranean countries free. Farage added

The NWO is at their end game ,what with the perpetual wars in the Middle East, sabre Rattling at Russia's Southern Border, The most bazaar election cycle in the history of the US, Global MSM out right lieing about pretty much everything, a US dollar about to collapse, China Economic engine sputtering, Oil prices in the toilet ,having a negative affect on the Global economy, Brexit, and other countries considering the same... PROBLEM ,REACTION ,SOLUTION... this whole thing is about to unravel, and when it does there will be a World War...they dont even need a reason now. and when the SHTF, the UN ( just another abbreviation for NWO ) will come in and save the day....yea Right! With one world currency ( No currency at all) One World government ( Big Brother) and One world Military ( to keep us all in line)....and because of the international Brain washing thats been going on for centuries we let it all happen....Oh but wait a tic...there is Iceland who kicked the bogus Banksters out wrote a New Constitution, Left the EU, and they are doing just fine....funny how we never hear about Iceland in the Global MSM....gee. I wonder Why.

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  1. The apocalypse is the advice of Nigel Farage he does not even understand what BREXIT means, surprisingly he believed is all real, is not. Nigel don’t forget the one that controls the past controls the future and is not Murdoch that has that power, neither TRUMP. Unfortunately, America is the problem not Europe, your problem is that you now exist on an upside-down realm, and your perception is totally off, yes European banks are gone so are British banks and American banks, the industrial revolution the 1913 system is over. That is the reality that you do not perceive. Now there is a new system put in place, which you do not recognize on your upside-down world neither TRUMP. When a new system is put in place is not advertised on the front pages of a newspaper it just happens.

  2. you guess it get some toilet paper and enslave brithish citizens.


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