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Lou Dobbs ~ Judge Napolitano: New Clinton Email Dump

These are pretty damn good docs. Lots of stuff we never knew before, like the fact that the State Department Office of the Inspector General had allegedly openened a criminal investigation of Huma Abedin in 2013. Or that the Clinton investigation was headed up by the FBI's counter-espionage unit. Or that the FBI identified 13 different mobile devices that Clinton used on her private server, yet Clinton did not produce a single one when asked by the FBI. There is a lot of good information in this release. Definitely fresh.

The FBI had to hack into Hitlery's servers because she wasn't cooperating. But then the Chinese hacked into the FBI servers including all the dirt on Hitlery. So all this got leaked to South Korea which got hacked by North Korea and then leaked to Iran. So then Russia got the info from Iran but Germany was hacking Russia and the CIA got the info by monitoring all the hacking being done by Merkel. So someone on the inside realized everybody knew everything anyhow so might as well give it to Wikileaks and let the whole damn world know. So everyone is involved but no one can reveal all their secret hackings and screw ups although Putin still thinks Hitlery's an evil witch and John McCaned will be happy to blow up Russia and the world for any reason whatsoever while Meryl Streep puts on an act like she really cares. There, does everyone understand now ?!?

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