Israel Trump & 9/11

DONALD TRUMP the CRIME of the CENTURY = ISRAEL First (Please Share) PNAC

9/11 World Trade Center Special Atomic Demolition Munition Ground ZERO Tactical Nuclear Weapon Sept 11, 2001 WTC Demolition (05:12) W-54 is small Compact implosion-type Atomic Landmine or so-called "Backpack Nuke Suitcase Nuke, Atomic Landmines. Yields can be set from 10 Tons to 1 Kiloton . Atomic demolition munitions (ADMs), colloquially known as nuclear land mines, are small nuclear explosive devices. ADMs were developed for both military and civilian purposes. As weapons, they were designed to be exploded in the forward battle area, in order to block or channel enemy forces. Non-militarily, they were designed for demolition, mining or earthmoving. Blasting building harbors etc. They been used combat in Syria and used for False Flag Demolition Operations like 9/11 WTC . The US Army planned to use the weapons in Europe in the event of a Soviet invasion. US Army Engineers would use the weapon to destroy, irradiate and deny key routes of communication through limited terrain such as the Fulda Gap. Troops were trained to parachute into Soviet-occupied western Europe with the SADM and destroy Building Power Plants, Bridges, Naval Harbors and Dams.

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