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Humanity's War on Humanity

"There are those who say that electronics and Wi-Fi are the most dangerous things for our health in today’s world, and perhaps, they are the most dangerous health risks we have ever encountered as a human species.[1] Not only do they disconnect us from each other by less face-to-face interaction, but the frequencies keep us in a more solid frequency prison, and these frequencies will eventually make us sick. Another thing that electronics, such as computers and smartphones, do is to make people think in black and white, according to another article in the Daily Mail.[3] Experts are alarmed because the binary system, on which computer science is built, affects humans to think in zeros and ones (black and white), without also including everything in-between. In other words, people stop thinking in complexities. This new way of thinking dumbs people down significantly, and the phenomenon is known as Tinderization. When humans have the options to make decisions based on just yes or no, and no deeper thinking is being used, we become more robotic over time, say the experts."

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