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How Will Donald Trump Deal With Skyrocketing Bitcoin

The US government or the feds or the banks, or individual companies, can at any time refuse to Accept the shit-coins. Shit-coins are one level of stupidity above Fiat currency, in my opinion. Also... newsflash... the shit-coin algorithm has been hacked, they the hackers, can create artificial shit-coins, and no one can tell the difference. You're better off to join a multilevel marketing company, It might prove to be a cheaper get rich quick learning opportunity.

How Will Donald Trump Deal With Skyrocketing Bitcoin - Jeff Berwick on We Are Change

Jeff is interviewed by Luke Rudkowski for We Are Change, topics include: the recent spike in the price of Bitcoin, the first free market money, the US dollar about to collapse, US national debt to top 20 trillion. the war on cash, India and Venezuela, the million dollar bitcoin, capital controls in China fueling the Bitcoin price, Central Bank tomfoolery, Trump to censor the internet, to come out against Bitcoin? fake news debacle, bitcoin and the internet represents a unique time in human history, the rapidly growing freedom movement, Anarchapulco 2017!

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