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Gerald Celente: Trump’s Stock Market Bump - Fading Fast or Growing Stronger

Nothing more than Janet Yellen and the banksters pumping the stock market up as a going away present to Obozo and the DemonRats. This is a massive bubble of overvalued equities, which will no doubt burst on queue from George Soros, on January 22, 2017, or shortly thereafter
Wall St banksters crashed the market in 2008, before Obama took office in 2009. None went to jail. Obama looked the other way. Taxpayers picked up the tab for the biggest theft in history (to date).
The Wall st banksters will wait until Obozo is out of office to trash the stock market once again. Then all left wing kooks can proclaim the best stock market run ever under Obozo's 8 years.
Smoke and mirrors. Throw them all in jail.

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  1. trump is a videogame who runs america now is a ? to ask forget democracy now is hypocrisy, so welcome to the invisible NWO, that the old alternative believed had identified from now on is just fake news until you die.

  2. trump is the swamp, however there is the possibility of deep deep unconscious brainwashing: which in this case is over for you lot because understanding deep brainwashing is practically impossible unless you are part of the 1%.. same as 1776 10% of the population knew how to read and write the rest were illiterate is exactly the same today: you might believe you understand but you don't . you believe you are rigth and know the truth but you don't . same as 1789 france and the napoleonic wars. rothchilds and the london market.


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