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Donald Trump Issues Serious Warning to the American People

Trump proved hundreds of times that he's ALWAYS RIGHT, everything he predicted (either good or bad) happened exactly the same way as he predicted. Definitely he's not a prophet, but he has excellent judgement. Unlike Crooked Lyin' Bitch Hillary & the arrogant big mouth Mullah Ebola ALL their judgement are BAD & proven to be 100% WRONG.

 Throughout Donald Trump's campaign he has been warning the American people about the most important issue Americans will deal with, the bond bubble. He is right and the bubble has been popped in order to cause chaos for the new Trump administration. This message needs to spread so they cannot blame Donald Trump for the political actions of the Federal Reserve and Obama's failed policies.

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  1. anonymous is CIA anglo-zionist enslavement schème. forget this joker's you are alone on a real 1984 realm info-trump alias info-wars is no different than winston smith that now has joined the establishment party, but what can anyone do in animal farm but talk to the pigs and let the other animals die. so let them kill each others and pick up the pieces after the war.