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China To Trump Prepare For War

If China called in all the debt it is owed by the US, America would be bankrupt in a heart beat thats why the zionist centeral banksters want a war to avoid paying what they owe.

Eventually it's going to be us the USA or China leading the world . China is taking over the dollar as the one world currency and America will lose that position ! it's going to be a do or die situation anyway . China's economy will get stronger that ours , so now would be the best time for America to fight a war . if America waits China will get too strong and believe it China is aggressive anyway ! so it might as well be now that the USA has more of a chance to win !

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  1. When you have a president that is incapable of being a president you might believe is a terrible idea, but is not. True trump is really a disaster will achieve nothing, the reason he exists on a upside down world. however, his chaotic mind is the key to success. The continuity of his errors is exactly an advantage: example; when he points at Iran and comments quite insanely, it is that precise insanity that will upturn his words, today you have the chance of upturning the upside-down world that you exist by and return to sanity. Trump is the current upside-down realm you live in, he is your reality of total chaos; he is also the key, all you got to do is the opposite of what he say’s and wants with some proper insight and precise timing. And the world returns to his proper position. Trump is the hiding upside down world revealed of today, can be corrected by discerning it properly and doing the opposite wisely timely.