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BREAKING -- Mexican President to Donald Trump: We Will Not Pay for the Wall

Mexican President #Mexico will not pay for the wall #BREAKING #Trump #MAGA Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto defiant to Trump and his wall. Mexico offers and demands respect, as the fully sovereign nation that we are. Reaffirm our friendship with the people of USA and will to get to agreements with their Government. Agreements on behalf of Mexicans. Regret and fail the decision of us. UU continue the construction of a wall that divides far from us, join us. Trump ..."Our country has enough problems w/o allowing people to come in, who in many cases, are looking to do tremendous destruction." #POTUSonABC

Mexico slams an executive order by US President Donald Trump to start the construction of a border wall between the two neighbors. During a televised speech, Pena Nieto also pledged to protect Mexican immigrants residing in the US. Meanwhile, Mexico's opposition leader urged his government to lodge a lawsuit against Trump’s government at the United Nations over the wall he plans to build. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador described the move as a violation of human rights and a case of racial discrimination. The measure has raised calls for cancelling Pena Nieto’s next week meeting with Trump in Washington. However, the Mexican Foreign Ministry confirmed that the visit will take place. Trump signed the wall decree on Wednesday despite outcry from human rights groups.

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