Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BREAKING: Julian Assange accepts Extradition to the US !

BREAKING: Julian Assange Now Extradited is Coming to USA ! See Why He Sacrificed Himself!

What it means is he will no longer have to hole himself in E. Embassy in London. He is free to go home at last without fear of arrest. America hasn't asked for his extradition far as I know. Provided Sweden does not have an arrest warrant on his head, no one will stop him at immigration. Effectively, he self imposed exile is redundant.
I hope Trump gives Assange a hero's welcome. He saved the US from despair.

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  1. now that assange works for the CIA, well he now understands how 1984 works, info trum is also part of the CIA winston smith realm live, but what can assange do, not mush neither alex jones the new info-trump, of the current orwellian world . he probably could do little or did not has the guts to really explain reality, however to whom to 99% brainwashed americans.


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