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BREAKING: Exposed-Planned Stink Bomb Attack At Trump Inaugural Ball

President Trump could just simply declare the organizers of these riots to be "enemy combatants". Once arrested, they would be tried by a military tribunal, not by a civilian court. They would be gone for a lot longer than just five years, that's for sure.

"Conservatives never acted this aggressively when Democrats were being inaugurated". There is a good reason (no, MANY good reasons)..... We were raised very strict, learned discipline at an early age, learned to work hard for what you want, learned Biblical truths, was taught manners, etiquette, to be respectful of others, to be considerate of others, manage money well, be self sufficient so as to not be a burden to others, have pride in yourself, and don't make a fool of yourself in public! Conservatives are a class act.

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