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#BLM National epidemic of blacks attacking white handicapped sheeple

So much "Blame the White Man" mentality. Here is what the Black community does:
1.) It takes absolutely no responsibility and no accountability for the actions and behavior of itself as a community.
2.) It glorifies and worships "Thug Life" and "Hip Hop" culture.
3.) It attacks any Black person who gets a real education.
4.) It attacks any Black person with an education with "shaming" tactics like "Why are you talking white?"
5.) It cares more about the Black criminals who get shot by police and ignores the over three times as many White people that get shot by police.
6.) It cares less about the thousands of Blacks murdering Blacks every year than the dozens of Blacks (nearly 100% criminals) who get shot by police (The police almost always have a real reason, not always but mostly).
7.) It spends all its time blaming the "White Man" for all its own self-created problems, while at the exact same time demanding the "White Man" fix all the Black communities own self-made problems, while at the exact same time telling the "White Man" to go away. Its not just counter productive its stupidity personified.
8.) It pretends that Black people cannot ever be racist ( a flat out lie) despite all evidence to the contrary.
9.) It ignores the fact that Blacks commit over ten times as much violence to Whites as Whites do to Blacks!
10.) Blacks self-segregate and then blame Whites despite us Blacks having not only been free for over a century and a half, but over half a century since we won civil rights... there is NOTHING left for us to demand and yet there we are doing it any way!
11.) Being Black (and I know this first hand or just visit your local DHS) will get you free health care, free meds, free housing, free food, free utility help, free phone, free college, guaranteed GOV jobs, preferential treatment in hiring, and so much more. And it is becuase of the white people that we got all that... let it sink in.. the "very evil whitey" that so many Blacks complain about are the ones giving us all this free stuff and all the Black community does is scream give us more.
(Sources: CDC, DOJ, FBI)

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