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Anonymous -- Article about PUTIN wanting to impose the NEW WORLD ORDER 2017

Herbert Dorsey · University of California, Santa Barbara The Illuminatti's plan to take over the planet and create a "New World Order" uses the formula outlined in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as documented in the book "The Secret History of the New World Order". However, this book also points out that the "Protocols" document was actually created by Jesuits and made to look like the Jews were the authors to place blame on the Jews for what the Jesuits were, in reality, doing. Scapegoating the Jews has historically been a Jesuit practice. The Protocols uses the teaching of the unimportance of God and religion along with the destruction of the family unit as a means of subjugating mankind. And we certainly see this policy in effect in the U.S. as it used to be in Soviet Russia. The "good guy" bad "guy roles" between Russia and the U.S. seem to have been switched

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