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A US-China Head-On Collision Coming? - Charlie Smith

Jeff Rense & Charlie Smith - A US-China Head-On Collision Coming?

I believe you don't just go to war with China, you go to war with China, Russia, and Iran at the same time. They will stick together if anything happens to any one of them, if they can collapse our banking infrastructure, and shut down our power grid at the same time they are attacking they can cause mass pandemonium. If the american people are revolting, and rioting it will be impossible for the us goverment to control both situations. If the BRIICS nations can wipe out what military, and naval hardware that we have right now that will be all they have to deal with, we have no real ability to make anything anymore...

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  1. what the world should do is help trump build the wall around mexico and around canada, keep all americans from travelling anywhere, dont buy american products and isolate america that is the best way to make america great again any american that travels should be insulted and spit at so he returns home to make america great again, trump is rigth isolation of americans is the way to progress,