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2017 The Year on An EMP Attack -- Anonymous

2017 The Year on An EMP Attack -- Anonymous
EMP will completely collapse The whole economy. EMP probably one of the worst threats to mankind specially in this day and age where everyone depends on electric devices
No wonder they opted for guillotines instead of electric chairs.

EMP what we need to be worried about is the Federal Reserve and IRS which We the People of United States have nothing to do with and the government can't even go in because the Rothschilds own it it's also where all of our money comes from they tell the treasury to print money and how much and then they give it to the small banks with interest and then we the people go to work work like slaves and in the end of the year do our taxes which is illegal and have to pay these assholes the money back did the government borrowed in the first place butt the government could just make its own money I mean after all we own the treasury so that lets me know that Israel owns bus because when they say something we don't hesitate aipac toes are government what to do and when to do it so EMP that's the least of our worries we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the IRS an then take Gold Silver and other precious stones and metals and then print money from the treasury of our government and Beckett with these things furthermore break all ties with Israel the blood state which the Rothschilds paid for with your money from the Great Depression because they funded World War 1 and world War 2 with that money

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