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2017 Secret Agenda Of Elite : The NWO, World War 3, ISIS, END OF DAYS COMING History Repeats Itself WAKE UP

The fact of the matter is, ALL wars have been for the bankers. Our troops haven't kept the US safe since the War of 1812! They were TOLD they were, and WE were told they were, and believed them, but the reality is that it was for the banker's. And their agenda, which they're still moving forward. I don't expect civil unrest soon. These people have been working on this for centuries. They are persistent and patient. We may have a huge economic hit however, I believe the "Totalitarian Tiptoe" will continue on. Slowly, food will start to get harder to get. People will continue to get swept up slowly, just like they did with the people at the Bundy standoff, after the Oregon standoff. Wait to let things simmer down, sweep them up at an opportune time. Slowly but surely, people will get swept up, the others will start to quiet down as it gets worse and worse. On the economic side, the Fed's just reopened their civil asset forfeiture program, giving local police depts. a way to bring in more money. Taxes and Civil Asset Forfeiture are their way of keeping inflation down. They always have been. Print up too much money, pull back in a lot of the extra (steal) in taxes and forfeiture. Mortgage foreclosures, same thing. Since they can't sell bonds to the Chinese anymore, they will pick up on the tax and forfeiture and mortgage side. It'll get worse also for those who owe on school loans. I figure the total "One World Gov" won't come in probably until the mid to late century. They'll cut off internet sites like this one, and just double and quadruple down on MSM as far as the "programming" to the sheep. I keep reading that so many people are waking up to all of this however, I don't see it here in So. Cal. (Maybe that's why?) By the way, as per a Senate Report when Reagan was pres, 1984, 100% of all Fed.taxes are sucked up by the Federal Reserve. The States send their taxes to the Feds, (at least CA does) and then they get back SOME of what they sent in. All else is doled out by the Feds like a "carrot and a stick" to keep them all in line.

I see the perfect way for Obama to declare martial law and start his reign of terror. Congress, for several years now has had many delays in agreeing on a budget for the U.S. So, this year I see it happening again this year also with one exception. As we all know, Obama has equipped our government authorities with enough hollow point ammunition to put 5 in every standing American and must note, the Geneva Convention outlaws hollow point rounds in warfare. This year, I see the same lenghty delays with Congress fighting it out until Obama steps in a halts all federal spending, this being Social Security, Welfare, VA, Food Stamps. What will Americans do when they don't get their benifits, they will storm the government offices demanding money for food and shelter, thus giving reason to use the hollow point ammo. When were rioting the streets, Mr. Obama will declare martial law and demand out military to put us back in our homes. This is just a theory that makes sense for the goverrnt offices being given the hollow-point ammo.

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