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1 Simple Reason Trump Cannot Save You

One man cannot save a country. The only one can help you is you.

America needs saving from Banker/Corporate greed. Any corporation that has net profits over a billion is flat out over charging for their product and services. I say this because corporations have been hoarding billions for last 15 years getting super rich , and super rich people and company's have way too much power.While American have lost millions of jobs putting us in competition with each other for fewer jobs , this allows corporations to pay less for every job out there. food costs have easily doubled since 2001. 9/11 was planed and allowed to happen to destroy Americans way of life. 28 companies listed in the article from the link bellow generate half the profits of the full S&P 500. The Fortune 500 profit 1 trillion dollars a year,,,, Americans pay 5 trillion a year in income taxes and the government spends 6.5 trillion a year, which means the bankers print out of thin air 1.5 trillion every year to lend this run away government and want it back plus interest. 19 trillion total so far that we know about.

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  1. Anonymous there are so many of you, that is hard to know who is the real anonymous!!! hope by now you understand what is happening now. your partner info war alias info trump, is no different than Winston smith of 1984, he was for the revolution same as infowars, until he found trump, trump manipulated the infowars. Old alternative media and by infiltrating the alternative media they created fake real news. The main media just sit back and relax while info trump and all those trump followers destroy the alternative media, and the same alternative media contradicts itself with the trump saga.!! Reason why he claimed CNN is fake news but he is with CNN and fox news, same as nigel farage and the fake Brexit. when that is done, they take over put info trump away and bingo. Is the same method Orwell mentioned in 1984. The party is the trump party. A mole inside the alternative media is the key to destroyed, as is the key to confuse anyone that follow the real truth. Trump job is to destroy the alternative media and that was done by erratic behavior, bashing CNN so you would believe he is with the alternative media but he is not he is just an actor. have the main media elected him and create a rift so they divide and conquer. Simple.
    trump is with the cia Anglo Zionist realm, is just a show no different than Hillary trump elections a show a Hollywood show wake up folks before is too late. trump Hillary Soros Obama is AIPAC they are friends not enemies, the last? is putin !!