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Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs Is Big Winner In Trump Election Victory

In all fairness it should be pointed out that Trump is very quick to fire someone. He may be taking these scum on to squeak by the neocons and actually make it in office then fire all of them.

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  1. TRUMP IS THE JEWISH ELITE: FACTS: UNFORTUNATELY THESE ELITES ARE QUITE IGNORANT, sort of lack of nobility sensibility and refinement: the fake media does one thing; what media is important to advertising, follow the greed. however, the fake news media is just 1984 a notch further. is 1984 Alex now you have become doublespeak even, if you denied and don't know about it even yourself. but you are doublespeak, now how does the system created a powerful method to twist minds, and transform consciousness upturn alternative media main media into a whole of fake news, real news no longer exists. the only thing that remains is TRUMP the Messiah, but that is not news is just propaganda. now is 1984 on, steroids and messiah trump is just a puppet on this game, so the current shadow government is now stealth. invisible to main media alternative media even trump himself. you have the freedom to comment that’s all, everything else is now shadow government control.!!! so enjoy typing as last resort of diversion, or just watch tv sitcoms and Hollywood films. anything else is no longer available to your consciousness


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