Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed

Sure Trump has connections, HE'S A FREAKING BILLIONAIRE for goodness sake, Duh? but what makes him different is that he is an outcast and is exposing them now for the past year or more. Trump keeps to himself, never been to any secret meetings, though I'm sure he has been invited. I believe he is a rouge elite and is aimed to end the NWO simply because he thinks it's destroying everything.

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  1. the reality is that trump followers are very much like Hitler Mussolini followers, they were so convince Hitler was the savior that they died for him, yes i love trump kill me I shall go to heaven, same as isis, so blind to the core, so those that disagreed with trump the dumb are correct why should they follow crazy trump same as Hitler and Mussolini, ??

    1. The illusion of choice! Trump or criminal Clinton! Hedge your bets and vote Trump. Who knows what ensues but Clinton we would definetly know. Thank God that bitch was beaten.


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