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They'll Do ANYTHING To Keep This Hidden! The Biggest Operation EVER REVEALED!

 You Have To See This!

In just two evenings alone, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 8,500 people in Melbourne, Australia attended Victorian hospitals as of November 22-23, 2016 due to "thunderstorm asthma."

According to the Melbourne department of health, stormy weather conditions caused pollen to explode in the air, triggering breathing problems for many people across the state, including those without a history of asthma or other lung conditions. Commonly known as "thunderstorm asthma," this "rare phenomenon" occurs after a severe thunderstorm — said to be based on "environmental conditions."

However, what's even more disturbing is how these diseases are covertly spreading, with little-to-no mainstream media attention whatsoever. Just today, on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, the BBC reported the first "sexually-transmitted" Zika virus in the U.K. And it doesn't stop there.

While Obama has just recently signed an Executive Order advancing the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) — there is an Agenda behind all of this indeed. Here's what the U.N., WHO, CDC, your military, and your government AREN'T telling you:

In as early as 1954, these Alphabet Soups have been carrying out covert operations with bugs and mosquitoes for international warfare — a term commonly known as "entomological warfare." These 4 Major Operations have all involved the use, dispersal, and conduction of disease-carrying fleas, mosquitoes, and other killer bugs in secretive locations.

1. Operation Big Buzz: A field test conducted in Georgia, 1955 — in which the U.S. military dispersed over 300,000 yellow-fever-carrying mosquitoes to (a) demonstrate the feasibility of mass-producing, storing, loading into munitions, and disseminating mosquitoes from aircraft, and (b) to determine if the mosquitoes would survive the airdrop and take blood meals from humans.

2. Operation Big Itch: An entomological warfare field test conducted at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, 1954 — to see how long fleas could respond to attack, once unloaded.

3. Operation Drop Kick: Conducted in 1956; an operation carried out in 1958 — in which well over 600,000 mosquitoes were released in Avon Park, Florida.

4. Operation May Day: Conducted in 1956; field test in which mosquitoes were released in an urban area (Savannah, Georgia) — tested for effects and dispersal rates.

With all of these covert operations, what are they REALLY testing for?!?!


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