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The United States and Russia Are Preparing for a Big Event

basically they are going to cut off all food and hide in their bunkers until everyone starves to death then they will come out in 3 6 months and take all the houses for free steal everything then celebrate

Your Government, courtesy the DHS, has already purchased over 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo (See Forbes Article Below). It has been said that both your Government AND Military have enough weaponry, artillery, ammo, military tanks, vehicles, and helicopters for a 20-year civil war. Not only that, but your Military has also been vehemently training for massive civil unrest. With Jade Helm and UWEX Drills (See Article Below), it's no wonder they are preparing for something MASSIVE, on such a MASSIVE scale. Not to mention Government and Military Documents even PROVING for such preparation (See "Internment Resettlement" Document Below). The question we should be wondering is WHY? WHY All The MASSIVE Preparation? WHY All The Preparation For MASSIVE Civil Unrest? What do they know that we DON'T? And just what are they getting ready for??? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!!!

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  1. this is a plot trump & obama are the same so is hillary and trump: or better say AIPAC your master, to understand AIPAC is simple the holocaust and israel, the holocaust is the psychological pressure to europeans while israel is also a psychological pressure but to americans reason, is called the "democratic myth" inquire: reason why TRUMP works for israel, so you lot are so far off from reality that is a shame how the pigs keep killing americans and no one reacts, even as war is evident you lot remain sleep.


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