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The System Is Set To Crash, All Currency In The Banks Will Disappear:Bix Weir

Today's Guest: Bix Weir of He talks about the Road To Roota theory, the possibly limitless potential of silver and gold, the globalist cabal attempting to force the entire world into absolute servitude to the state and the divide and conquer agenda of the U.S. election as presidents are selected, not elected. As nationalist Trump supporters, fascist Clinton supporters and socialist Bernie supporters fight among themselves, the agenda is succeeding. The U.S. is on the verge of a civil war and the globalists are loving it. Bix also goes into the worthless digital and paper money throwing the people into debt enslavement. Currently the world is on the verge of a collapse of historic proportions. As Bix Weir wrote a recent article titled "Here's Why $100,000/oz Silver Is A Conservative Estimate", Josh asks him whether he believes the price will actually hit such an incredible number or if he was trying to make a point about the potential of silver as prices are rigged across the board. Bix then goes into the global silver and gold price rigging as the master manipulators continue to deceive and plunder the markets.

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  1. Science arts & évolution.
    The current confusion of the Worlds new world order; is becoming a disorder, reason can no longer differentiates between real news and fake news. However, the wars are real. And peacetime demands some kind of new structure. Science and arts bring us general de Gaulle “French president” following his discourses we understand 3 main points stand quantified, Israel returns to 1967 borders, end of the nato OTAN alliance and return to gold standards. The requirements are Russia and China & America, remain in agreement with the 3 main points detailed. Israel returns to its 1967 borders, end of Nato, return to gold standards. Evolution: To replace the no longer existing dollar as reserve currency BREN 25% silver can become the coinage of the new global reserve currency, which obviously has gold reserves.
    Art & science this will allow art to become easily understood, as it is the videos of general de Gaulle that have now reached most of the planet, thanks to the media and social networks. Arts and the many artist that surrounded the subject. Evolution: brings us the understood the cognition between arts and reality, and how an artwork can represent the state of the world. In Hironimus Bosch, we have a vivid example of art and it’s cognitively with the reality of the world at his time and ours today. Hitler’s wars were no different that some of the aspects of the gardens of delight .

    The world has evolved from those moments to today and the new ways to cognize the reality of our world is recurrence, new paintings by existing artist painters however on present world representation on what our existing reality is and its technology of information.
    The cognition to fully understand the current reality started with the refusal of the elites of Hieronymus Bosch timeline, the elite’s perception and their will to impose an exclusive dogmatic solution to an ethereal problem. Somehow, they were blind to the art of Hieronymus, and imposed their own version of art.
    As the up-to-date elites repeat the same act; the new arts repeat the same vision on a modern form however science avowal of the will of the current elites agrees mostly with the arts than with the dogmatic version of arts imposed by the recent elites. The Hieronymus of toddy are on the same position of those of his days. As reality shows now on the art market the value of a Hieronymus Bosch artwork (1450) to the 2016. Science, knowledge and understanding, all tied on the same work as the old work, on a new form. Reversing the imposed dogma of reality; 1450 & 2016 implementing the one alive, a space time resurrection of reality inverts the upside-down world of today conveying directions to answers.


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