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The Real Donald Trump Leaked

This election was a huge false flag. It's so obvious when you break out of the engineered dichotomy. The election was in fact rigged, but it was rigged for TRUMP. Whether Trump is in on it or just controlled opposition, I don't know but they want him in so they can set him up for failure to discredit the opposition, you. I hate to say it but they will succeed. All the mainstream Hillary propaganda was so obviously rigged the way it was, not to get her elected but to simply put on the facade like Hillary was actually a legitimate candidate and favored to win. It was a huge reverse psy-op on the increasingly informed populous. She was put in as a prop and scape goat and she knew it the entire time. Why do you think she did such a half assed effort in campaigning? She knew she wasn't going to be selected for president. The fake news attacks are just to distract you from this op and you're taking the bait Alex.

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