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The Elite Just Sent A Message To Russia

The electors are voting today and at last count Trump was in the lead. China is going to hand over the drone but under certain conditions. The crisis in Ukraine is starting to escalate.US will remain in Iraq and more troops are on the way. UN Security Council voted to have observers in Aleppo, Russia objects to this. Syria is calling up all reservists to keep control of Aleppo while troops move into Palmyra. Russian Ambassador was shot today by an off duty police officer posing as a security guard. This is a message to Russia from the Elite. We have just killed your Ambassador your move. If the Elite are assassinating the Ambassador this tells us the Elite are desperate and they are now taking the next step.

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  1. trump is the system get it, is all a show, and they are still in war. however that is what you have perceive on the surface, not deep cleaning.

  2. 1864 on the inverted world Obama goes and lincoln 2 arrives, tomorrow jerusalem, and the film goes on. 1967 borders for israel are part of the new technology, nano technology to be more precise. on youtube. De Gaulle 1967, thoughts about the palestinian affair, 1967 borders to israel will bring the end of the industrial military complex, who is tied to finances and banking wars.


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