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Mike Maloney -- US Dollar: Short Term Pop

 The long term increase in value of gold, and silver, just like other asset classes, is nothing. All precious metals can do is store value which is why it is a good idea to buy as low premium as possible because when it comes time to sell all you are going to get from a dealer is spot or slightly less than spot. When buying metals assume the metal price will be exactly the same in 60 years as it is today. How will you sell it to recover the premium? A a few % loss over 60 years is better than what is lost from inflation but imo that % loss is not worth the pleasure derived from investing in metals so try to get that small % loss down to as close to nothing as possible. On the other hand if someone can invest in metals before a depression/financial collapse, and sell out at the bottom, then they can make some money from metals.

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