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Jim Rogers -- Trump, China & World War 3

Legendary investor Jim Rogers is here with us; his analysis shows how deserving he is of his incredible internet fame. Today we discuss his thoughts on the Trump presidency's effect on US & World markets, China tensions, the Federal Reserve rate hike which he guarantees for December and more. You definitely won't get bored in this internet nor will you be disappointed by one of the most experienced and honest investors of our day.

01:25 Donald Trump Win Turned Markets Optimistic...Should It?
03:30 The consequences of messing with the free market
04:30 How far down is Gold going, $1,000?
06:20 Is the US Dollar in a bubble? Stay Alert
07:20 Jim: Federal Reserve WILL Raise Rates in December
08:50 Elites Losing control of world economy & governments?
09:50 Asia media also anti-Trump; China tensions rising
11:00 Will Trump escalate a future war? Jim's thoughts

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  1. trump the trojan horse of insanity:trump the invisible president and the hollywood creation that looks real feels real talks and walks but is not there. he is just on your mind, "is this perfect brainwashing or just a faulty one"


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