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Italy may Leave the EU after the Referendum

Italy Referendum NOT About Leaving the EU! Though The Voters May Want It.

Sources: Italy’s Referendum was not about leaving the EU. It was not about #Italexit or the next #Brexit Here is a very simple explanation for what it means: Italy’s referendum vote was a constitutional referendum to decide if there should be changes to Italy’s current government structure. Italy has a rather complex system of government designed intentionally to prevent another Mussolini from gaining control. Their Congress equivalent, has 630 members. The senate has 350 members. Renzi wanted to push for a government with less members and less layers in order to reduce bureaucracy and speed up lawmaking. The intention was to cut the senate to 100 members, and would only be involved in major decisions such as war. Also, the province layer of government would be officially removed. Now, while the vote itself had nothing to do with the exiting the EU, it has been suggested that people may have voted NO, simply as a statement that they are fed up with the current government

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